Save £1,000 on your tuition fees... Accept your offer before 31 March 2017 by quoting 'EAD-2017'

We would like to offer you a fantastic opportunity...

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience, and we want to make sure you can come and join us in the UK. So, if you accept your offer before 31 March 2017, we will reduce your tuition fees by £1,000! To receive your reward, pay your deposit and send your acceptance to confirm your place. Please quote 'EAD-2017' on your acceptance form.

How to accept your offer

Accept your offer by 31 March 2017!

Accepting your offer now means you will secure your place on the course, so you can relax and focus on studying and preparing for life in the UK.

Accommodation sells out quickly! By accepting early, you'll be able to select your first-choice accommodation and find the right place to call home.

Accept now

Do you have questions about studying abroad?

Your study counsellor can answer all your questions, or you can view the FAQ page.

Read the FAQs

You can still accept if you have a conditional offer! If you don’t meet your conditions, you will receive a refund with no cancellation charges payable.

If you've been working with an education counsellor, please let them know you want to accept your offer. Alternatively, follow the instructions on your offer letter.

Remember! To receive your reward, you must quote 'EAD-2017' when you accept your offer. To confirm, send your deposit and acceptance forms before 31 March 2017.

A couple more things you should know...

  1. The £1,000 reward cannot be used with any other financial discount or scholarship, except for a sibling discount.
  2. The reward is only available to students studying on a study plan lasting three terms or more.
  3. Accept now
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