Your fees at a lower rate

Save up to 10% on your tuition fees

You may have also noticed the recent currency fluctuations which are at present very favourable for many international students looking to study in the UK.

If you haven’t already done so you may want to confirm your place and pay your fees as this could save you up to 10%.

To accept your offer, contact your educational counsellor

If you've been working with an education counsellor, please let them know you want to accept your offer. They will guide you through the process. Alternatively, follow the instructions on your offer letter or read our guidance online here.

5 reasons to accept your offer now

The best news is, by accepting your place early you benefit from all of the below:

  1. Save money on your tuition fees
  2. Guarantee your place on the course
  3. Secure your first-choice accommodation
  4. Relax, knowing you've made a great decision, and focus on your studies
  5. Talk to our visa support team who will help you prepare to arrive in the UK

What if you have a conditional offer?

If your place is conditional on meeting entry requirements, the good news is that you can still receive the discount. If for any reason you don’t meet the conditions of your offer, you'll receive a refund with no cancellation charges payable.

So, no need to wait, confirm your place and save money!

Learn English and be proud of your skills

With our help, you'll develop the English language skills you need for your career. Our teaching methods guarantee results.  We also offer a free online English course, INTO Get Ready for English.

Find out more

See how much Justine's English skills improved in just 10 months at INTO...

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