Health in China

You’ll find medical facilities on-campus for minor health issues. And, pharmacies where you can buy medication. Western and Chinese medicines are available.

The INTO office are also here to help and you’ll have an emergency telephone number to reach us outside our normal office hours. Don’t worry, we can help you explain your symptoms or go with you to hospital.

You must have insurance to cover your time in China. When you apply to study with us, we’ll offer a policy tailored to you via Endsleigh Insurance. As this is our group policy, we’re able to help you, should you need to make a claim.

Managing your medicine in China

If you take any medicine regularly, we’d suggest you bring at least a six-month supply, in case your usual brand isn’t available.

Bring your current prescriptions and a doctor’s report summarising your medical history, if possible.

A local doctor will source a local equivalent that is often registered under a different name here, but manufactured by the same pharmaceutical company.

If you wear glasses, consider bringing a spare pair or a sufficient supply of contact lenses.

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