How to overcome culture shock

Living and studying abroad is an exciting and rewarding experience. Making friends from around the world, learning a new language and feeling confident in a new environment are all part of your journey as an international student. But, in the beginning, it can make even the most confident people feel lost and homesick.

Don't worry. It's called 'culture shock' and you are not alone. We have years of experience helping international students adjust, and many of us have experienced it too.

We explore the meaning of culture shock, and how five students, from five different continents, shared the same experiences to overcome their fear whilst studying abroad.

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Val's culture shock experience

We were lucky enough to speak with Val, from Bulgaria, who features in the video above. He tells us what he loved, what he found difficult and how he overcame culture shock while studying abroad in the US.

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Stephanie's UK experience

Just like Stephanie, when studying abroad you'll find yourself part of a mini community with classmates. You'll help each other and make so many new friends.

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From Australia to the US

Aria talks about the culture differences she experienced even when speaking the same language. She found that sharing food is a great way to bond!

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