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Scholarships for INTO Manchester students

Scholarships available - 2017-18 academic year

Scholarships are available to all international students who have been offered a place, and are awarded based on academic merit.

International Year One scholarship

For students commencing the International Year One programme, the Centre is offering two 50% scholarships (one for each pathway) towards your tuition fees.

Pre-Master's scholarship

For students commencing the Pre-Master's, the Centre is offering one 100%  scholarship towards your tuition fees.

How to apply

Please note that scholarships, discounts and bursaries awarded by INTO can't usually be combined. Students will be awarded the reduction that is most beneficial to them.

INTO Manchester Ali Ashfaq from Pakistan

Ali from

"INTO helped me to know how to write assignments and reports and how to do referencing before submitting my work. So at university I didn’t have to face the difficulties that most of my other classmates faced."

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Meet Ali Ashfaq from Pakistan who:

  • 2011 - completed an International Foundation with INTO
  • 2014 - graduated with BSc (Hons) Computer Systems Engineering from The University of Sheffield with First Class Honours
  • 2015 - is now working as a Network Engineer at Corvit Networks Ltd in Pakistan

What did INTO teach you to prepare you for university and beyond?

I hadn’t studied Mathematics during my A-levels. After finishing my A-levels I decided to go for engineering. It was a challenge for me to understand the core of engineering mathematics so that I could compete at university and get the degree with the best result.

INTO Manchester prepared me for that. My teachers helped me a lot, not only during my time at INTO Manchester. In the end it’s always up to you; how you utilise the resources. But you do need a mentor for advice or a platform to perform and INTO Manchester provided me with that platform.

How did INTO help you get to where you are now?

I knew from the first day that I wanted to study engineering at university but the question was which engineering was the best for me. Some days I wanted to be an electrical engineer and the others, I wanted to be a mechanical engineer. One day I solved a computer issue in a physics class and within seconds my teacher just said “Well you are a computer wizard!” That was the first spark which initiated the fire inside me for this field. After research with my teacher, I decided to choose this field.

I am so glad that someone guided me because otherwise I wouldn’t be who and where I am today.

How did INTO give you an advantage over other international students at university?

INTO Manchester students spend their first year adjusting to university and the UK education system. They have time to get accustomed to the UK and integrate with British culture. They don’t just teach the importance of study.

Are you proud of what you have achieved?

Yes I am very proud of my achievements. I don’t belong to a very rich family; I worked part time whilst at university. After that amount of hard work and sacrifice, I still managed to get a First Class degree. So when I look back, yes I am very proud of my achievements.