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Your INTO teachers are here to help you every step of the way. They all have extensive experience supporting international students in their preparation for university success.

Small class sizes - with an average 1:9 student to teacher ratio - mean you'll always receive high levels of one-to-one contact.

Classes mirror university-style teaching with lectures, practical sessions, seminars, tutorials, supported private study and e-learning so you experience university study from the start.

Progress reports will ensure you remain on track to achieve your academic ambitions. And university-style teaching will give you the best possible start to securing a successful UK university education.

All of our English language courses are accredited by the British Council, and all of our academic programmes are accredited by NCUK. This means you'll receive the highest quality of teaching as you develop your English language and academic skills.

Nia Faulder INTO Manchester

Nia Faulder

Biology Lecturer

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What is your background?

I spent three years working in the pharmaceutical industry as a microbiologist and also in research and development, before re-training as a teacher. I also volunteer for the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. I also give careers talks and advice about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects to school and college students throughout the North West.

What can students expect from you as a lecturer at INTO Manchester?

I aim to provide students with exciting lessons using a range of methods to ensure everyone can participate and lots of support. We offer a fabulous practical programme in university laboratories to complement the theory lessons. Students love hands-on, messy science; like dissections. These sessions are fun and help students visualise things which we cannot easily show with diagrams and pictures. Students see the anatomical structures, such as the heart, for instance.

What are the university laboratory facilities like?

The labs are big, well designed and very well equipped. We have support from a wide range of technicians – from cell biologists to anatomists, and they use their own expertise to ensure our labs are technically challenging and exciting. Of course, the universities know what students need to study to access their degree courses; so our practical sessions are highly relevant to degrees in life and health sciences, as well as more general science degrees. Time flies by when we are working in the lab!

Why do you think a student should choose to study at INTO Manchester?

Manchester is a fantastic city – with lots of history, culture, a rich music and sport scene and plenty to keep you amused. INTO Manchester teachers are so hard working and caring; you will definitely enjoy living and studying here.

Do you have any advice for students coming to study at INTO Manchester?

Bring a positive attitude with you. A raincoat, some Wellington boots and an umbrella might also come in handy.


INTO Manchester Soon Kiat Ker from Malaysia

Soon Kiat Ker
from Malaysia

"Without the effort and support of my professional tutors, I would absolutely never have obtained such a marvellous result to progress to university."

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Meet Soon Kiat Ker from Malaysia who:

  • completed the International Year One programme with INTO Manchester
  • graduated with first in BSc International Business and Economics from The University of Manchester
  • is now studying a MPhil in Technology Policy at The University of Cambridge

"The International Year One programmes are developed in partnership with leading universities in the UK, such as the University of Sheffield and The University of Manchester. Teaching is incorporated with visual aids, useful resources in the library and online assistance. This gave me alternative options to improve my understanding of the subject.

"Before starting this course, I was worried about the programme structure as I had to study 8 modules in my initial year. However, my tutors turned around my concerns by always giving me support wherever I had a problem in a particular subject.

"The teaching team are formed of professional elites, and I am glad that I was taught by those specialists who have an in-depth knowledge of the subject. They gave full explanations patiently to ensure that their students understand the subject completely without any difficulty.

"I would definitely recommend others to study at INTO Manchester, especially someone who unfortunately doesn’t meet the English standard requirements of the university."