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Success at INTO Manchester in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University

Achieve success at MMU

Over the last five years, more than 200 INTO students have successfully progressed to a degree at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).

During your time with INTO, you'll receive a range of practical guidance and support. A dedicated International Progression Manager will organise visits to the University, hold regular information sessions, and support you with your university application.

And, if you decide to progress to a programme that MMU doesn't offer, our Student Placement team will help you achieve academic success with your new subject choice.

Student success at MMU

The below tables highlight the results of some of INTO Manchester in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University's top students in 2014.

International Foundation student success at Manchester Metropolitan University
Name of degree Student name Nationality Grade
International Business/Marketing John Ononivami OTORI Nigeria ABB
Law Alyaksandra DUBROUSKAYA Belarus ABC
Mechanical Engineering Ibrahim Amin Ibrahim ISMAIL Jordan ABD
Fashion Buying and Merchandising MENG Wei China BBD
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Bader Dalah ALAFNAN Saudi Arabia BCC
Mechanical Engineering Abduallah Anzoe Sami HINA Jordan ACD
Business Management with Law Keakgona Winner MANGOPE South Africa ADD
Sports Management (Sandwich) FAN Haozhe China BCD
Accounting and Finance (Sandwich) Minhye JO South Korea BCD
Public Relations and Marketing (Sandwich) NGUYEN Thi Ngoc Thuong Vietnam CCD
International Foundation in Art and Design student success at Manchester Metropolitan University
Name of degree Student name Nationality Grade
Filmmaking NGO Ngoc Bich Tran Vietnam 61%
Interior Design Ekaterina SILKEN Russia 58%
Fashion May Toe KHINE Myanmar 54%
Fashion Design and Technology (Womenswear) Eol HWANG South Korea 51%
International Year One student success at Manchester Metropolitan University
Name of degree Student name Nationality Grade
International Business Management Maryam Mansoor Mohamed Sadeq KAZEROONI Bahrain 72%
Accounting and Finance (Sandwich) SHAO Tianlei China 62%
Business Management HAN Yiming China 61%
Business Management Syed Muhammad SHAFFIN Pakistan 57%
Business Management (Sandwich) Citra Rasita TARIGAN Indonesia 56%
Pre-Master's student success at Manchester Metropolitan University
Name of degree Student name Nationality Grade
Human Resource Management ZHAO Qun China 72%
Applied Linguistics Yujin KIM South Korea 71%
Psychology YUAN Yingyu China 63%
Biomedical Science Abrar Hani HIJAZI Saudi Arabia 60%
Marketing (Creative Advertising) CHANG Yahan Taiwan 51%

Jing Ting Khau from Malaysia

"INTO Manchester provides an excellent
quality of education in a great study location."

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Meet Jing Ting Khau from Malaysia who:

  • 2012 - completed the International Year One programme.
  • 2012 - progressed to BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance at Manchester Metropolitan University.
  • 2014 - graduated with First Class Honours.
  • 2014 - is now employed as an Auditor with KPMG in Malaysia.

Why did you choose to study in the UK?

The education available here is of high quality. There are definitely some differences between studying in the UK and in Malaysia. Additionally, I wanted to strengthen my English language skills and understand the difference between the cultures of the UK and Malaysia more. I had heard from my friends that Manchester was one of the biggest cities in the UK and that it was a student focused city.

What are you thoughts about Manchester now you have lived here for a while?

Manchester was once an industrial place and you can still see some of the old structures and buildings as you walk around. You’re visiting history whilst you study which is exciting, it’s very rare to see buildings built with bricks in Malaysia.

Why did you choose the International Year One in Business?

I want to be a businesswoman in the future. This course gives you a quick route and a sturdy foundation to be able to do this.

Have you acquired any important skills?

Since studying in the UK, my writing skills have improved immensely. This skill will be useful to me when I’m at University and in my future career. Furthermore, my speaking skills have developed and I have learnt to speak English fluently. English for Academic Purposes (EAP) was very helpful overall. I learnt Writing, Speaking, Listening and Presentation skills. I was required to present my assignment to my peers, which helped me to build my confidence in public speaking.

What were your teachers like?

The teachers in the UK are different from the teachers in Malaysia. They are more efficient and they encourage students to email them when they have a question about homework. They also respond very quickly! This is what I like about them.

What do you do in your spare time in Manchester that is different to home?

I have chosen to go to other parts of the UK and Europe. The UK and Manchester are very convenient, traveling to other places is not very difficult or expensive when compared to Malaysia. I have gained more of an understanding of different cultures. This knowledge is something that I could never have learnt through books alone.

Do you have any advice for future students?

Life here might be different when compared with your own country, but enjoy the opportunity to experience the UK. They have four seasons unlike in Malaysia where it feels like summer time the whole year. Enjoy the climate here, in the winter my friends and I built a snowman, it was a lot of fun!