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Success at INTO Manchester in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University

Achieve success at MMU

Over the last five years, more than 200 INTO students have successfully progressed to a degree at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).

During your time with INTO, you'll receive a range of practical guidance and support. A dedicated Link Tutor will organise visits to the University, hold regular information sessions and support you with your university application.

Student success at MMU

The below tables highlight the results of some of INTO Manchester in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University's top students in 2014.

International Foundation student success at Manchester Metropolitan University
Name of degree Student name Nationality Grade
International Business/Marketing John Ononivami OTORI Nigeria ABB
Law Alyaksandra DUBROUSKAYA Belarus ABC
Mechanical Engineering Ibrahim Amin Ibrahim ISMAIL Jordan ABD
Fashion Buying and Merchandising MENG Wei China BBD
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Bader Dalah ALAFNAN Saudi Arabia BCC
Mechanical Engineering Abduallah Anzoe Sami HINA Jordan ACD
Business Management with Law Keakgona Winner MANGOPE South Africa ADD
Sports Management (Sandwich) FAN Haozhe China BCD
Accounting and Finance (Sandwich) Minhye JO South Korea BCD
Public Relations and Marketing (Sandwich) NGUYEN Thi Ngoc Thuong Vietnam CCD
International Foundation in Art and Design student success at Manchester Metropolitan University
Name of degree Student name Nationality Grade
Filmmaking NGO Ngoc Bich Tran Vietnam 61%
Interior Design Ekaterina SILKEN Russia 58%
Fashion May Toe KHINE Myanmar 54%
Fashion Design and Technology (Womenswear) Eol HWANG South Korea 51%
International Year One student success at Manchester Metropolitan University
Name of degree Student name Nationality Grade
International Business Management Maryam Mansoor Mohamed Sadeq KAZEROONI Bahrain 72%
Accounting and Finance (Sandwich) SHAO Tianlei China 62%
Business Management HAN Yiming China 61%
Business Management Syed Muhammad SHAFFIN Pakistan 57%
Business Management (Sandwich) Citra Rasita TARIGAN Indonesia 56%
Pre-Master's student success at Manchester Metropolitan University
Name of degree Student name Nationality Grade
Human Resource Management ZHAO Qun China 72%
Applied Linguistics Yujin KIM South Korea 71%
Psychology YUAN Yingyu China 63%
Biomedical Science Abrar Hani HIJAZI Saudi Arabia 60%
Marketing (Creative Advertising) CHANG Yahan Taiwan 51%
INTO Manchester Metropolitan University Jatin Suri from Kuwait

Jatin from

"Having the opportunity to do an
industry placement year at The
Walt Disney Company definitely
gave me a competitive edge."

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Meet Jatin from Kuwait who:

  • completed the International Foundation in Business and Humanities with INTO Manchester in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University
  • graduated with a first class honours in BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance from MMU
  • is studying MA International Business at The University of Warwick

What appealed to you about the UK for study?

The UK has always been my preferred study destination. I studied AS levels at an international school and Kuwait, and wanted to continue my studies in the British system, but in the UK environment for real.

Why did you choose to study a Foundation year over completing you’re A-levels?

I decided to do a Foundation year over A-levels as I wanted to come to the UK a year earlier and adjust to the UK lifestyle before university. INTO Manchester played a big part in bridging the gap between leaving home and attending university.

What do you think you’ve gained from studying abroad?

I’ve gained lots of different skills from studying in the UK, especially from being in Manchester. I've become more commercially aware about what’s happening around me. I’ve been able to socialise with people from all around the world which I’ve definitely enjoyed. I’ve become a strong communicator which has come in handy for lots of group coursework tasks we’ve had to do at university.

Do you think you would have progressed to Manchester Metropolitan University without studying at INTO?

Most definitely not! I did not have a guarantee when studying the AS levels that any university would accept me, whereas with the Foundation I was given a direct link and an offer from the university. It was ‘the’ route to progress to university; it gave me all the skills and qualifications necessary.

How did INTO Manchester prepare you for university life?

INTO Manchester helped me to understand how the different modules work and to develop essay writing skills. Being here a year before everyone who came to the university gave me an edge as I had already adapted to life here. I was more focused towards my career path, and thoroughly prepared for the three most important years of my life.

What made you choose Manchester Metropolitan University?

Manchester Metropolitan University was one of my top choices. I wanted to be in a city where I can balance my university life with my extra-curricular activities. Manchester was a cosmopolitan place where I could satisfy all those needs. In addition to this, I also chose MMU because of the course. The industry placement year gives me a competitive edge over similar courses at other universities. Working for a year gives you real-life experience and equips you with the skills to be able to work in a competitive environment. I believe this is key in today’s market as employers are really looking for experience more so than university qualifications.

Where did you work for your placement year?

I had a fantastic time working with the Walt Disney Company in London. I was part of the Finance Team in emerging markets and I was involved in forecasting and budgeting for all their new movies. It was really interesting and something I really enjoyed doing. Being at Disney gave me good skills and understanding of how that’s possibly done. I also developed my finance knowledge and IT skills to further enhance my capabilities as a future employee.

Has this work placement given you contacts that you’ll use in the future?

Definitely! Relationships are key in business and being able to build them is something that I’ve developed. Since working at Disney, I’ve kept in contact with my managers as well as my directors and I think that these relationships will help me to get a very good job in the future.

Were you given any help from the University to get an industry placement?

I was constantly in touch with the Careers Advisers who helped me to build my CV, fill out applications, and prepare for interviews. MMU also has a careers website which constantly posts vacancies depending on your course. They also have a Facebook page which reminded you of various deadlines. The Careers Team were always helpful and provided me with as much information as I needed - they gave me a certain edge in my applications and in my interview.

What made you choose Accounting and Finance?

Manchester Metropolitan University is highly regarded by outside professional awarding bodies. For Accounting and Finance, it has very strong links with ICAW, the ACCA board and the CIMA board. These are all top boards in the field of accountancy, and means that as a student at Manchester Metropolitan University you have exemptions for their professional qualifications. Their undergraduate qualification is really built to match the needs of the industry.

Would you recommend this University to other students?

Definitely! Manchester Metropolitan University is a great university for students.

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