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About the INTO Newton A-level Programme

Beyond the standard A-level curriculum

Studying A-levels on a leading university campus will support a natural, confident progression to a top British or international university.

You'll have access to UEA's range of fantastic facilities including the 24/7 library, award-winning sports and leisure facilities, and one of the best student unions in the UK.

You can also book study rooms, take part in guest lectures, access careers talks, and anything else that a UEA university student can do.

A programme of enhancement activities includes practical workshops and guest lectures with leading university academics, in areas such as medicine, chemistry, biology, physics, maths, engineering, economics, accounting, psychology, and law.

These will help you become a mature, independent learner with the skills and confidence to secure a place at the university of your choice.

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INTO Newton student story Cindy Anggrenia

UEA lectures for Newton students

Newton student Cindy Anggrenia has been making the most of living and studying on the UEA campus by attending many of the public lectures organised by the University.

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Cindy Anggrenia

"My time on the Newton Programme has been excellent for me. Apart from the classes, I have had lots of opportunities to learn new things. The most enjoyable experience that I had was the seminars and lectures that I have attended at UEA. I went to economics, entrepreneurship, maths and philosophy lectures, and all of them were brilliant. The lectures covered a broad range of topics - such as cosmic superfluids in mathematics, and the precautionary principle in philosophy - and were delivered by professors from different universities and practitioners.

"What really caught my attention were the weekly contemporary economics lectures. The topics discussed were mostly around behavioral economics. One of the first lectures I attended was delivered by Rohan Grove, who works in UK HM Revenue and Customs. He talked about the use of control trials in UK taxing policy. It was a very interesting subject, the idea was that by understanding people’s behavior and using randomized controlled trials, the government can make better policies that benefit people.

"Another seminar that I attended was given by Project Manager at JP Morgan, Paul Bedwin. He discussed the varied careers after a degree in Economics, especially in the trading sector. He also gave us students advice about the importance of building skills and experience before diving into the working world. He was very informative because he himself was an alumni of UEA.

"I have to say that those lectures and seminars were so insightful, such invaluable opportunities that opened my mind to new and interesting topics, some of which I never even realised existed before.”

A safe and supportive environment

You'll live in our INTO accommodation, just seconds from classes, UEA facilities, and our modern restaurant where you'll enjoy two meals a day.

A live-in warden offers 24/7 welfare support, and a round-the-clock emergency telephone number provides complete peace of mind.

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What will I study?

You'll study four GCE A-levels examinations from the academically rigorous Cambridge International Exam board curriculum.

Exciting practical work will reinforce your theoretical knowledge, classes and coursework. These offer the perfect opportunity to relate your studies to real-world situations while having fun and learning new skills.

The INTO Newton A-level programme averages one teacher for every eight students. This means you'll enjoy high levels of individual attention and feedback for your education.

They'll help you adjust to the experience of studying in a new environment. And modules will also cover study methods and examination techniques to help build your confidence.

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