Students playing pool at INTO Queen's

Campus Life at INTO Queen's

Everything you need on campus

The campus is just a 15-minute walk away from the city centre, so you’re never far from the shops, restaurants and sights of Belfast. For times when you don’t want to walk into the centre of town, you can find everything you need on campus. With study areas, a bank, a post office, places to eat, drink and play sports, you’ll have everything you need close by.

If you have a disability, the University’s Disability Services are there to support you. If you need advice or help, or would like to arrange support provider, you can visit them on campus at the Student Guidance Centre.

Global faith support

There are currently 12 faiths and denominations represented at Queen's. Among them are Muslims, Catholics, Presbyterians and Humanists.

There are four chaplaincy centres in Elmwood Avenue, just opposite the Student’s Union. Each one has a full-time chaplain who you can go to talk to for advice or support. The chaplains can also come to meet you in your accommodation, if you’d prefer.

You can visit the chaplaincy centres to pray or study, as well as social events and activities. These activities are lead by current students of the University and so are planned with you in mind.

A few minutes’ walk from the University, you’ll find a mosque in the Islamic Centre in Wellington Park. Belfast also has a Hindu Temple, which is located in the Indian Community Centre.

Sport for everyone

You’ll have a choice of over 50 different sports clubs at Queen’s. From British favourites like rugby, soccer and boxing to martial arts, horse riding and sailing, there’s something for everyone. Belfast’s location provides a variety of landscapes to explore and this combined with the University’s excellent facilities means you’re sure to find something you love.

On campus you’ll find the Physical Education Centre. It has six power cages and Olympic lifting platforms for strength training, as well as four exercise studios. You’ll also find a six lane swimming pool, diving pool and sauna.

The Outdoor Training Facility has a large synthetic grass pitch for you to play soccer or rugby on, as well as the local favourite, gaelic games. On campus you’ll also find a climbing wall, a golf simulator and halls to play racquet sports in.

Because of Belfast’s location on the coast, you also have the option to join boat clubs and rowing clubs. And, when you’re feeling really adventurous, you can head up into the Mourne Mountains for some mountaineering.