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Teachers at INTO Manchester in partnership with The University of Manchester

Here to help you

Your INTO teachers are here to help you every step of the way. They all have extensive experience supporting international students in their preparation for university success.

Small class sizes - with an average 1:9 student to teacher ratio - mean you'll always receive high levels of one-to-one contact.

Classes mirror university-style teaching with lectures, practical sessions, seminars, tutorials, supported private study and e-learning so you experience university study from the start.

Progress reports will ensure you remain on track to achieve your academic ambitions. And university-style teaching will give you the best possible start to securing a successful UK university education.

All of our English language courses are accredited by the British Council, and all of our academic programmes are accredited by NCUK. This means you'll receive the highest quality of teaching as you develop your English language and academic skills.

INTO Manchester Savannah Middleton from South Africa

Savannah from
South Africa

"The teachers are always
offering extra help
and support when they
see that you need it."

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Meet Savannah from South Africa, who is studying on the International Foundation in Science and Engineering at INTO Manchester.

Why did you choose INTO Manchester?

I really want to study at The University of Manchester and INTO provided a good pathway for me there based on my qualifications.

How do you find the style of learning at INTO?

The teachers give you a good amount of time to get work done, and even though the courses are fast paced, when you work hard they are not as challenging as you would expect them to be. The teachers are always offering extra help and support when they see that you need it.

Do you feel you have a good study and social life balance?

I really do - Manchester gives you the opportunity to have an amazing social life, while the students at INTO are very study-orientated. So when you surround yourself with the right people you automatically have a good balance without even trying.

How is it to be in a class with students from all around the world?

It’s one of the reasons I chose INTO, I needed to be in a place that was multicultural and open-minded.

Have you explored Manchester much?

I've found that Manchester has hidden beauty everywhere - each building has so much history behind it, and you can find hidden places to stand and give you a different perspective than how you see it every day. Parkway Gate is in an amazing location, very close to INTO. I can wake up at 9 and make it to my 9:15 class on time, which comes in handy on Monday mornings.

Why did you choose to study Biochemistry?

I chose Biochemistry because I have a deep interest in sciences that help me understand how living things work. And the University of Manchester is a very good accredited university in a city that I love.

Progress to a university renowned for teaching

When you progress to The University of Manchester, you'll be taught by staff recognised internationally as being at the forefront of their subject. They'll incorporate the very latest thinking and discoveries directly into your learning.

Strong links with industry ensure your learning is tailored to the needs of employers. And your practical teaching will take place in world-class facilities. This may include:

  • the £40 million Integrative Centre for Molecular Cell Biology
  • the UK's largest high-voltage laboratory
  • the famous Lovell Radio Telescope and Observatory Astronomy Research Centre at Jodrell Bank
  • Moot court, purpose-built to develop your mooting and debating skills in a realistic court setting
  • a unique pilot-scale laboratory, containing industrial scale equipment for chemical manufacturing
  • the National Graphene Institute, home to world-leading research into the revolutionary material graphene
  • Pharmacy Computer Assisted Learning (PCAL) Consortium, providing access to all PCAL and Pharma-CAL-ogy software packages
  • an MRI scanner, observation suite, sleep lab and state-of-the-art EEG and TMS facilities

Studying here offers a broad range of teaching methods, with traditional lectures and seminars supported by enquiry-based teaching. This innovative learning method encourages you to pursue your own lines of interest. This helps build critical reasoning and evaluation skills, and other abilities that potential employers look for.

Personal Tutor

At the beginning of your course you will be told who your Personal Tutor is, and you will meet them in your first week.

Your Personal Tutor will:

  • meet with you for tutorials throughout the year
  • help you to settle into the academic community
  • communicate your academic progress and provide you with guidance
  • be available to meet during set office/tutorial hours or by appointment
  • refer you to appropriate sources of academic and/or welfare support when required

Language and other support

Language advisers are available in the Centre to help students with a low level of English to communicate.

There is also a Chinese Language Support Officer (CLSO) who is dedicated to providing language support to Chinese students.

Other support on offer includes:

  • extra support classes in Maths are provided as a Drop-In Clinic where you will be able to review questions and examples
  • a weekly helpdesk session where you can ask questions and get academic support following lectures and seminars
  • online support
  • revision sessions
  • one-to-one teaching (at an additional cost)
General, UK and China enquiries: +44 (0)1273 876 040
US enquiries: +1 858 465 6004
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