Study Abroad with English

An adaptable course that caters to your English ability

Study Abroad with English offers you the opportunity to experience UK university life, while developing English language skills and sampling individual subject modules.

You'll start with intensive English preparation that will help prepare you for university study, before progressing to take credit-bearing modules at UEA.

Students choosing academic modules must be available for the entire semester, including exams which may take place in June.

What will I study?

Part 1: English language

There are twenty lessons of English language tuition per week at INTO University of East Anglia.

The language component of the course is a minimum of one term, focusing on core academic English language skills including grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

Part 2: academic study

Students can study individually selected undergraduate academic modules at the University of East Anglia alongside University of East Anglia students.

You can choose module from a wide variety of subject areas including:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business
  • International Studies
  • Law
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Sciences and Social Sciences

Please note: selection of modules depends on previous knowledge and English language levels.

To find out more about the academic modules available in Part 2, please visit:

How do I qualify?

Academic requirements:

Successful completion of at least one year of study at a university/college overseas.

You should provide a statement of your previous university studies and a personal statement explaining which subject areas you would like to study during Part 2 of the course.

English language entry requirements:

The following indicates minimum English language entry requirements:

Part 1 intake Part 1 number of terms IELTS score (or equivalent) Part 2 start date
Jan 3 5.0 Sep
Apr 3 5.0 Jan
Apr 2 5.5 Sep
Jun 2 5.5 Jan
Jun 1 6.0 Sep
Oct 1 6.0 Jan

Please note: UEA requires a minimum of IELTS 6.5 for entry to most courses.

Students who could not reach the required English level at the end of Part 1 must continue to take Part 1 (English for University Study).

Students with IELTS 6.5 or above intending to enter Part 2 of the course directly in September or January should apply to the University Study Abroad Office direct.


17 years and above.

When can I start?

Part one: English language

Start date Fees
Mon 10 Jul 2017
Mon 02 Oct 2017
Mon 08 Jan 2018
Mon 09 Apr 2018
Mon 02 July 2018
£4,600 per term
£4,750 per term
£4,750 per term
£4,750 per term
£4,750 per term

Part two: academic study

In Part 2 of the course you choose from a wide range of academic modules at the University. These modules are delivered according to the University's academic calendar.

You must be available for the entire semester and assessment period, which may mean planning additional weeks' accommodation.

Start date Fees
Wed 20 Sept 2017 £5,550 per semester
Wed 10 Jan 2018 £5,550 per semester


  • Students selecting to study laboratory-based modules will be required to pay a higher fee for part 2 of the course.
  • Tuition does not include books, which are charged in the region of £75 per academic term (part 1).
  • Accommodation is not included in the fees: view our accommodation options.

How do I pay?

You can pay by bank transfer or by credit card. Please contact us or bank transfer details.

General, UK and China enquiries: +44 (0)1273 876 040 [email protected]
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