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The best way to experience all the benefits of the University of South Florida is to make it your home. Living on campus gives you 24-hour staff assistance and convenient access to classrooms, dining halls and fitness facilities. By joining its growing community of over 5,500 on-campus residents, it’s easy to make new friends. Studies by the National Survey of Student Engagement have shown that an active on-campus life often results in higher grade point averages and increased graduation rates.

We offer three styles of housing at USF to fit your lifestyle and budget, from apartments to suite-style living. For students who have been approved to live off campus, we have partnerships with a variety of apartment communities in the local area.

Who knows? Your next door neighbor could be your new best friend.

Benefits of residence hall life

All our housing options offer maximum comfort and safety. Move-in ready rooms include everything from furniture and new bedding to air conditioning, cable television and internet service.

Residence halls feature common areas for studying and socializing, kitchens on every floor, laundry facilities and a variety of other amenities. Trained Resident Assistants live on-site to help with any of your needs. On-call emergency maintenance is available 24 hours a day.

Types of accommodation

Apartment style - 4 Private Bedrooms

Each apartment includes three or four single bedrooms, one or two bathrooms along with a shared living area and kitchen

Premium Suite Style - 2 Double Bedrooms

Premium suite-style living consists of two double bedrooms and one bathroom. While the hall is co-ed, individual suites are shared by four students of the same gender.

Suite Style - 4 Double Bedrooms

This housing option is a lower cost alternative that offers both privacy and maximum interaction with other residents. Each suite features four double bedrooms and a semi-private bathroom.

Off-campus Housing

There are many off-campus options within two miles of USF. Nearly all apartments are on the campus bus route, which is helpful for students who don't have a car. USF has partnerships with the following locations: The Province, The Venue, Avalon Heights, 40Fifty Lofts and Campus Club. Students who are in an Undergraduate Pathway program or Academic English plus Undergraduate Pathway are not eligible to live off campus.

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