Academic English

Is Academic English right for me?

The Academic English Program at Washington State University is an accredited, academic preparation intensive English program facilitated by the Intensive American Language Center at INTO Washington State University. The Academic English program provides high-quality English language instruction in a supportive, respectful environment to help students meet their academic, professional and personal goals and to prepare students to study at Washington State University.

Program highlights include:

  • Small classes of 15 students or less in the same building
  • Individual attention and instruction from teachers with a focus on building speaking, listening, and writing skills
  • All teachers have a Master’s degree in TESOL and many years of experience teaching Academic English at Washington State University
  • Elective course topics may include Pronunciation and Conversation, TOEFL/IELTS Workshop, Current Events, Playing with Grammar, International Teaching Assistant preparation, Writing Workshop and more
  • Advanced language preparation for graduate students at level 6 that is tailored toward each student’s discipline

Program structure

  • Seven levels of instruction, from true beginner to high advanced
  • 21 hours per week of course work covering core skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Wide range of elective courses available at each level

What you will study:

Levels 1-3

  • Reading/Composition
  • Grammar
  • Listening/Speaking
  • Electives: Playing with Grammar, Pronunciation and Conversation, Idioms and Slang, English and Film

Levels 4-6

  • Academic Reading/Composition
  • Academic Research and Composition
  • Academic Listening and Discussion
  • Electives: IELTS Prep, TOEFL Prep, Business Writing, Math Vocabulary, Engineering Vocabulary, English and Film


Academic English

How do I qualify?

Academic Entry Requirements: High school diploma
Age Requirement: 16 years or above
Language Requirement: None; students will be assessed and placed upon arrival

Academic English

When can I start?

2017-18 Dates and Prices

Program Start Date Program Duration Tuition (1 semester)
Spring: January 2, 2018 16 weeks $6,700
Summer: May 2, 2018 12 weeks $6,700

2018-19 Dates and Prices

Program Start Date Program Duration Tuition (1 semester)
Fall: August 20, 2018 16 weeks $6,900
Spring: January 2, 2019 16 weeks $6,900
Summer: May 2, 2019 12 weeks $6,900

Academic English

What are the English language progression requirements?

You may progress to any INTO Pathway program or direct admission to a university degree program after achieving the language level required and meeting all other progression requirements.,


How will the Academic English program prepare me for success

After finishing this intensive program successful students will be able to:

  • Interact comfortably in the US classroom with professors and fellow students
  • Understand and follow US academic values
  • Present their spoken and written ideas accurately and effectively in English
  • Write academic papers with proper use of citations and references
  • Critically read, understand and evaluate academic texts
  • Understand and use vocabulary common to academic disciplines
  • Take useful and accurate notes in academic lectures and presentations
  • Develop and deliver oral presentations

Progression Requirements

To Undergraduate 3-Semester Pathway
  • Completion of Academic English Level 3 with a minimum 80% in all graded courses

To Undergraduate 2-Semester Pathway
  • Completion of Academic English Level 4 with a minimum 80% in all graded courses

To Direct Undergraduate Admission
  • Completion of Academic English Level 5

To Graduate 2-Semester Pathway
  • Completion of Academic English Level 5 with a minimum 83% in all graded courses

To Graduate Admission
  • Completion of Academic English Level 6, dependent on program
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