A group of students walking through the Union House building on UEA campus

Support @ University of East Anglia


Dedicated to your success

Both INTO UEA and the University of East Anglia will provide you with a range of world-class support. We believe that it's the people that make the difference. That's why your Student Services team is the best there is.

Support with student life

When you arrive at the INTO Centre, the Student Services team will help you settle in to student life in Norwich. And they'll remain your first point of contact for a range of non-academic issues.

You'll be given a 24-hour emergency telephone number for complete peace of mind. There are also residential assistants in all student residences.

Language advisors speak a range of languages including Chinese, Russian and Arabic. They're here to help you if you don’t yet feel confident communicating in English.

Support with university applications

We're here to help you make the best possible choices for your future academic success.

Services include:

  • one-to-one student counselling to decide on the best course for your needs
  • practical assistance with all stages of the university application process
  • preparation for university interviews
  • assistance attending university open days and higher education fairs
  • help finding an alternative university place if you need to consider other options

Visa workshops offer information, support and guidance on renewing your student visa. And individual appointments are available for more specific advice.

Support at the University of East Anglia

Once you've progressed to UEA, you'll be able to take advantage of a wide range of excellent learning and living support services. This includes information on Tier 4 visas and advice for any immigration issues you may encounter.

The Learning Enhancement Team offers expert guidance on studying more effectively and improving your work. They can assist with developing your study skills, mathematics and statistics abilities, academic writing, and use of English. They also offer confidential advice for students with learning difficulties.

UEA is also dedicated to supporting your life outside of the classroom. They offer an proactive approach to wellbeing for anyone who feels that they aren't fully participating in the university experience.

International Student Advisors are on-hand to discuss any personal concerns you may have. You can also take part in a buddy scheme designed to help answer any questions, and join in with an exciting programme of local and national activities. For any physical concerns, the University Medical Services provides healthcare for students including physiotherapists. And a pharmacy and dental practice is conveniently located just a minute away from the INTO UEA Study Centre and accommodation.

From the moment you arrive, we'll be there to support you. If you'd like us to meet you at the airport, we can be there. If you need to register with the police, you don't need to worry about finding the police station – we'll bring a police offer to the INTO Centre for you to meet and register with.

During your first week, you'll take part in an orientation programme. We'll show you around the campus, introduce you to key members of staff in the Centre, get you settled into your accommodation and help you to meet other INTO students in social events throughout the week.


In the courtyard, you’ll find the Courtyard Office. Here, Social and Welfare Officers are there to support you with any non-academic problems. You can visit them to get help with renewing your visa, to book travel tickets back home or across the UK, or to ask them for advice on social situations. Whatever your issue, they are committed to supporting you – even if you lock youself out of your room!

Once you’ve finished studying, there’s a games console in the reception area that’s free for you to play with your friends. If gaming isn’t your thing, the Centre runs regular movie nights, craft nights and seasonal events (such as pumpkin carving at Halloween and dumpling making for Chinese New Year) to keep you entertained after studies. Around exam time, they schedule in bite-size support sessions that focus on managing anxiety, mindfulness and planning.