Study abroad

A life-changing experience

Studying abroad provides you with an unforgettable experience and will help you stand out to potential employers. You’ll be exposed to new cultures and different styles of education, and build on your own personal experiences.

INTO will help you adapt to life in a new country and achieve the most from your education. You’ll become a part of a welcoming student community, so it's easy to make new friends. And with a host of clubs, societies and events to join, you're sure to create a lifetime of memories.

Study abroad in the UK

The UK remains one of the most popular places for international studies, from the diverse culture and beautiful scenery, to the friendly welcome when you arrive. The UK has one of the best and most widely-recognised education systems in the world, giving you an advantage when it comes to beginning your chosen career.

You will:

  • Build your knowledge of English to help you communicate confidently in one of the world’s most popular languages
  • Have the opportunity to study at some of the world’s top universities, in a choice of safe and multicultural locations
  • Develop your ability to think critically, and fully prepare you for university life and beyond
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Study abroad in the US

From sunny beaches and the Rocky Mountains to bustling cities and diverse cultures, the US offers plenty of variety when it comes to finding a place to study. In fact, choice is what makes studying in the US so great. From thousands of study subjects to a huge range of social activities and student organisations, the US offers you freedom every step of the way.

You will:

  • Enjoy flexible options, from your life on campus to choosing which subjects are the perfect fit for you
  • Gain a fantastic education in an atmosphere of global influence
  • Experience the US culture through everyday life, and develop yourself both personally and academically
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Study abroad in China

INTO China offers you the chance to truly experience a completely new culture. Impress potential employers with your first-hand experience studying as part of the world’s largest economy. It’s the perfect way to enhance your studies with much more than just a qualification.

You will:

  • Get to know the real China and immerse yourself in day-to-day Chinese culture
  • Build your knowledge of Mandarin and increase your employability in the global job market
  • Gain skills, qualifications and experience that will make your CV stand out