Secure your place to study abroad in the US

A world of opportunities

Interested in studying in the US? Great choice! This diverse and vibrant country is one of the most popular destinations for international students — and with good reason. Studying at an American university means joining a community for life. It can open up a world of opportunities for you.

Top 5 tips for feeling at home overseas

Learning a new language, meeting new people and settling in to life in a new country are all part of the exciting journey you’ll take as an international student.

The first few weeks can leave you feeling a bit homesick but don’t worry, many students feel like this. You’ll soon get used to your new routine and enjoy your study abroad experience. Here are some ways to make the transition to life in the US easier:

  1. Find out if any of your classmates are also planning to study abroad in the US. Being able to keep in touch with someone you know from home can help when you’re feeling homesick
  2. Get involved with clubs, events and societies – it will help you make friends with people who have the same interests as you
  3. Keep in regular contact with your family and friends back home. If you’re feeling unsettled, it can help to talk to people who know you really well and can offer support
  4. Staying active is a great way to keep fit and healthy, as well as helping you to stay positive. It’s also a great way to meet new friends!
  5. Set your expectations and remember that things will be different in another country. It might take you a while to settle in to your new routine but take the time to enjoy this new challenge
Prestigious universities

Studying abroad and having a degree from a US university on your resume or CV can help you stand out to future employers. Why? The US has a reputation of offering one of the best higher education systems in the world. US universities are recognized for their commitment to international academic excellence.

Flexible study choices

Can't decide which subject to take at university? Want a study program with flexibility? The US could be the study destination for you. An undergraduate degree in the US gives a broad knowledge base in your first year through study of general subjects such as history and science. After this, you "major" or specialize in a subject of your choice. Don't worry, it’s not uncommon for students to change their major mid-study.

Teaching style

Want to discuss ideas in class? Join lively debates? Form your own big ideas? It might seem daunting at first but the teaching style is very open in the US. Expect collaboration and hands-on learning opportunities. You'll see your confidence and independence grow as you take part and join in.

Campus life

American campus life is unique. Study at a US university and you join a community for life. Each university has its own identity and we’ll help you find the right one for you. Immerse yourself in the vibrant, energetic and welcoming communities that US universities offer. It’s the best way to experience American culture and improve your English, while making friends from all over the world.

Campus safety

Feel safe on US college campuses


Worried about how to stay safe in the US? With a little common sense, you'll find it can be a safe and friendly place. We'll show you how. Read our advice for staying safe in the US.

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Currency and banking

Confused about what a "buck" is? How much is a "quarter"? How much money do you need to bring with you to the US? And who’s Bill, anyway?

If these questions sound familiar, don’t panic! Our guide to using US Dollars ($) will help you become familiar with the currency and you’ll be speaking like a local in no time. We can even help you open a bank account when you arrive.

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Health care at Marshall University

Our universities provide quality health care


We hope you won't become ill or need medical help, but sometimes the unexpected happens. That's why all our universities each have an on-campus healthcare center or clinic. Remember, the US has a private healthcare system, which means you’ll need to buy health insurance before arriving to cover your time here.

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To study in the US, you’ll need an F-1 student visa approved from the government. Confused by the process? Don’t worry. We’ve got years of experience in helping international students apply for visas. Our step-by-step guide will help you make sure you fill out the right paperwork.

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New York City

Visit iconic places like New York City

Travel to, and in, the US

We know studying abroad can sometimes feel like you are a long way from home. But if you choose to study in the US, you’ll find plenty of international airports offering flights to destinations all over the world. Home doesn’t need to be far away.

Want to explore more of America during your time here? You’ll find public transportation is clean, reliable and easy to navigate, if you plan ahead. Buses, taxis and planes are the most common forms of transport.

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US city guides

Students laughing

Birmingham, Alabama

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is located in this historic southern city.


Students sit at cafe

Corvallis, Oregon

With its picturesque scenery and student-friendly vibe, this American college town is home to Oregon State University. 


Students at Capitol Building

Fairfax, Virginia

Located close to Washington, D.C., Fairfax is an ideal location for George Mason University. 


Students sit on rock overlooking river

Madison, New Jersey

Enjoy studying in the forest at Drew University, with the convenience of being a quick train ride to New York City.

Students on campus

St. Louis, Missouri

Known as the "Gateway City", St. Louis offers culture and charm. And the best part? Saint Louis University sits in the heart of it all.

Students at Disneyworld

Tampa, Florida

There's plenty of sunshine, beaches and activities in Tampa. Studying at the University of South Florida will never be boring!

Students on campus

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston offers an amazing place to learn among the culture and history of one of the country's most beautiful cities.

Students at Illinois State University

Bloomington-Normal, Illinois

As one of the best college towns in the US, you can expect a great quality of life in Bloomington-Normal.