INTO students studying in the sunshine in the US

Health in the US

Staying fit and healthy

It’s important that you stay fit and healthy so that you can focus all your energy on achieving your academic goals while studying abroad.

The US has a private health care system, so you'll need to buy health insurance for medical coverage. Health insurance is a university requirement and it costs about $800 each semester. Be aware that each state has slightly different qualifications and prices for health insurance.

Health center

Take advantage of university health centers

Your health is important

Each university we partner with provides healthcare facilities for its students. You'll have full access to high quality medical care.

Wherever you choose to study at in the US, you'll take part in orientation week when you arrive. You'll need to bring proof of your immunizations and evidence you’ve met the health requirements of the university. We'll tell you which documents to bring with you in advance.

Not feeling well? Injured? Need medication? Or perhaps it’s something more serious. Visit your university’s student health care center for treatment and care. For more information about the specific health care facilities available at each university visit our campus life pages.

Student health

Student health services

Health insurance

INTO OSU, INTO USF and INTO Drew insurance requirements

Your health insurance has to meet the US government's requirements, the state's requirements and the University's requirements. So, to make it easy for you, we'll automatically add the appropriate health insurance to your bill for you.

INTO Mason insurance requirements

All students with an F-1 and J-1 visa status must have health insurance. You'll automatically be enrolled in the University-selected insurance plan by Aetna Student Health. You will need to pay for university health insurance when you arrive at INTO Mason.


Check when your health insurance begins and ends coverage. In most cases, you have coverage from the start and finish dates of your course/program including any academic breaks or holidays. INTO OSU's health insurance coverage begins five days before your course start date and ends five days after your finish date.


In rare cases, if you already have health insurance, the university's insurance requirement may be waived. Visit the individual university website for more information.


Bringing dependents with you? They also must have health insurance and each university will have its own policy on this.

INTO OSU: Visit the Student Health Centre when you arrive to arrange this. Remember to bring money with you to pay.

INTO Mar and INTO Mason: Dependents must have health insurance before arriving in the US.

INTO Drew: To live in campus housing, your dependents must be enrolled in the Drew Dependent Plan or similar. You can enroll online at University Health Plans, Inc

Please see the university website for more information.

What to do in an emergency

If you should need emergency health care, contact your student health service. Each US university provides emergency medical services. There are also campus police that you can contact in an emergency. You’ll be provided with contact details during your orientation week.

If you find yourself in a life-threatening emergency situation anywhere in the US, call 911, the American emergency hotline. 911 will connect you with the police, the fire department and any other public servants that can aid in an emergency. 

Healthcare system

If you currently take medication, remember to bring it with you to the US. It’s a good idea to also bring your prescriptions so you can continue to get medication during your time here. These must be written in English.