Life in the UK: Alessandra's experience

Alessandra's experiences at INTO University of East Anglia

We met with Alessandra from Brazil and asked her some questions about how she adjusted to living and studying in Norwich at the University of East Anglia.

Why did you choose to study at INTO University of East Anglia?

When I was choosing a place to study I first thought about the university environment. Norwich looked like a nice place to study with a good environment. Also, I looked at the successful progression rates to university and I saw that compared to other places INTO had a good progression rate.

What’s been the hardest thing to get used to here?

Actually, I didn’t have a hard time adjusting at all. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Maybe some people would miss their friends and family, but the environment here helps - you’ll make a lot of friends and you’re always busy so it helps to get through it easily.

Have you noticed any differences between the education system here and the education system in Brazil?

Yes, I have. Here, I feel like I have more of a support group. In Brazil, they give you the material and you need to study by yourself but they don’t give you many guidelines. Here all the teachers are helpful.

Alessandra Barbosa studying with Helena Martin, INTO student support at INTO UEA

Alessandra studying with Helena Martin, INTO student support at INTO UEA

Do you have a favourite memory from your time at INTO University of East Anglia?

My favourite memory was definitely Halloween. Back home in Brazil we don’t celebrate Halloween at all, but here everyone celebrates and goes asking for candy. We had a great party with INTO!

What do you think is the best thing about studying at INTO University of East Anglia?

The best thing is that it’s an amazing life experience. Studying is your main objective while you are here, but you will find that your whole life changes. Being here teaches you to be independent - it’s an amazing experience for life.

Do you have any study tips for students?

My first tip is to be open-minded. You’ll be in contact with many cultures and many differences and if you adjust well to everyday life here then you will find your studies will be easier for you. My second tip is to put effort in everything that you do. If you want it, make that your aim and really go for it!