Meisam's experience at Queen's University Belfast

Meisam's experiences in Belfast

Meisam from Iran is studying at Queen's University Belfast. We talked to him and asked him some questions about his experiences living and learning in Belfast

How is the student life in Belfast?

It’s perfect, the people I’m living with are very friendly, they are from all over the world and I've made good friends. The local people in Belfast are very friendly with international students. I’ve made friends with local people here and we would have a party together at the weekends. If we have any problems, then they can help us.

How was your experience with the support you received from staff during your arrival?

They are perfect, they are really helpful. Not only during the time of my arrival but every day I have been studying at INTO. When I first arrived at the airport there was a taxi waiting on me and the driver had a board with my name on it and he brought me right to my accommodation.

What activities have been organised for new students?

The welcome programme organised by INTO is designed for students to get to know each other and make friends. It also factored in some useful social events like a trip to the local supermarket to let us know where we could get groceries.

Do you feel there is a big change to your life now you are living here?

When I first arrived here I was happy about the weather because it’s not too hot. It’s strange that the Irish people don’t like the weather, they think it’s too cold but I think it is great. I think the weather has some effect on me mentally, it makes feel comfortable here and I feel I have more energy.

Would you recommend your friends studying in the UK?

I would recommend that they would come here, I’m sure that the people living in Iran will love the weather. The cost of living is cheap. If they have any problems here, they can get help and support, the staff at INTO Queen’s and staff at the university are supportive and helpful. They send out emails to let you know if you need help it is available.

What advice would you give to a student coming here?

My advice would be not to worry, just come and live the experience, you will enjoy your time here, learn a lot and make some good friends from all around the world.