Downtown Madison, New Jersey

Living in Madison, New Jersey

Best of both worlds

Drew University offers you the unique experience of being in a safe, small town environment while being just 47 minutes from fast-paced New York City. At Drew we take advantage of merging these two worlds with Semesters in the City programs like the Wall Street or United Nations semester.

Safety and serenity with big city access

You can walk to downtown Madison in less than 10 minutes from your dorm room. Catch some authentic Chinese food and live music at Shanghai Jazz, go bowling or play some arcade games at newly opened Stryxe or discuss some class work at one of the dozen boutique coffee shops Madison has to offer.

New York is known as the city that never sleeps. There is plenty to do at all day and all night. Catch a musical on Broadway, visit one of the countless free museums or wander around iconic Times Square — all are a short train ride from campus.

Things to do


From boutiques to outlet malls

Madison has many small businesses and boutiques where you can avoid crowds and get personal attention from shop owners. New Jersey is also home to many outlet malls where you can find great deals on designer items. Nearby New York City has more options for shopping than you could ever visit in a lifetime. Dive into the rich and luxurious on Madison Avenue with the likes of Tiffany's or Chanel, or look for that deal at the many specialty shops around the city.

Eating Out

A full range of restaurants

Many Madison restaurants are very affordable. However, if you are looking for a more upscale experience you can find plenty of options in the city. New York City offers more dining options than you could ever need. The New York City Department of Health reports there are nearly 20,000 restaurants within the five boroughs of New York City. There's always a new restaurant to try!

Weather and clothing

What to wear in Madison

New Jersey's climate has four seasons ranging from an average of 4° C in January to 30° C in July. You can expect snow in the winter months and humidity in the summer. Most students at Drew University dress casually. Due to weather changes, you will need clothing for both warm and cold seasons. All of these items are available for purchase in Madison upon arrival, so only pack what you need for the first few months after your arrive.


Bottle Hill Day and the big city

In Madison, nothing says culture more than Bottle Hill Day. A Drew student yearly tradition, thousands flock to downtown Madison for rock climbing, a petting zoo, live music, a car show, delicious food, vendors, and a Family Fun Zone with inflatables.

Some say New York City is the cultural capital of the world. There is a wealth of entertainment in New York City. See a Broadway play, visit world-renowned museums or go sightseeing. Famous landmarks like the Empire State building or the Statue of Liberty provide insight into pivotal points in American history.

Trips and Activities

Get out and explore

Drew University offers a wide array of options for socializing, experiencing the arts and participating in sports. From cultural events in New York City, apple picking in the New Jersey countryside, students at INTO New York at Drew experience all the beauty, fun and excitement the New York area has to offer. Through a variety of activities like the family friendship program, conversation partners and book club, students can connect with others on campus and in the local community.

Money in Madison

How much do things cost

Here's a quick breakdown of how much you should plan to pay for certain items in Madison:
1. Restaurant and take-out meals: $10-$25.
Cup of coffee: $2-$4.
2. Cell phone plan: $60-$100 per month. A deposit may be required: $50-$300.
3. One-way bus ticket from Madison to New York City: $9.35
4. One-way train fare from Madison to New York City: $11.75
5. Don't forget to tip! To reward good customer service, Americans tip between 15-20% in addition to the total bill price. This is optional, but common for restaurant wait staff, taxi drivers, nail and hair salons, etc.

Marianna Khachatryan, Business, Armenia
"First of all, staff working here, they are really supportive. When you're coming from another country and you know whom you can refer to... it's the best thing." Marianna Khachatryan, Business Armenia