Small class sizes


Get to know your teachers

Why do our Ivy League-taught professors choose to teach at Drew? They are dedicated to exceptional faculty mentorship and Drew’s small class sizes allow them to work one-on-one with their students. With a student teacher ratio of just 10:1, your professors will really get to know you. They'll see you as an individual rather than just one face in the crowd.

Having worked with international students for years, our highly qualified staff members—many of whom have been international students themselves—work hard to help make your transition as smooth as possible. They can relate to you and help you adjust to new experiences along the way.

The Drew curriculum emphasizes the importance of hands-on experience as a requirement, not an option. You’ll love what you learn in one of the university’s New York City programs, and through hundreds of internship opportunities.

Drew english professor Anna MacLachlan

Anna MacLachlan

Senior ESL Teacher

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Teachers at Drew University bring a wealth of experience to the classroom. They know what it’s like to be a student and want to provide their pupils with the richest educational value possible.

Take Senior ESL Teacher Anna MacLachlan, who you'll most likely see sometime during your career at Drew.

"I speak 5 different languages including English, Russian, Spanish, German and Polish," she says. "For the past 8 years I have taught in international schools in Malta, El Salvador and China."

MacLachlan prides herself in the ability to relate to international students because she’s seen so much of it before. Her exuberance for Drew also shines through.

"I love teaching at Drew because everyone here is so friendly and the small class sizes allow me to really get to know all my students."