Graduate Bridge Pathway Program

The Graduate Bridge Pathway provides a supplemental year of advanced graduate preparation, and allows students with three-year bachelor's degrees to gain admission to select George Mason University graduate programs.

Students earn credits toward their master's degree while completing general education requirements needed for graduate school at George Mason University.

In the two-semester Bridge Pathway program, students will receive customized academic advising to assist them in choosing the best classes that will compliment their studies.

This two-semester Pathway includes:

  • Graduate coursework required for the specific degree programs
  • General education classes
  • Graduate transition preparation
  • English writing development

Course features

  • Develop your knowledge and skills through active learning in your chosen subject area.
  • Guaranteed university placement for all successful students.
  • Adapt to studying in the US with a strong focus on study and research skills.
  • Improve your English level and develop the vocabulary for your chosen degree subject.
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