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Highly qualified to help you succeed

You'll find multilingual, multicultural and highly qualified faculty at INTO Mason. All of your instructors are university professors with the highest qualifications in their fields of expertise. Many of our instructors have been international students themselves! Some have even taught in other countries, conducted research abroad and traveled to many countries throughout the world—maybe even to your home country. They are excited to get to know you and learn about your experiences, so you can always ask them questions.

Meet your future teachers

Our teachers love to work with international students like you. You’ll have fun in their classes, and you’ll work hard too. Hear from some of our current faculty members about what they enjoy most about teaching, what it’s like to be in their classroom and what kinds of projects you might be working on soon.

Steven Harris-Scott

Steven Harris-Scott

Graduate Pathway Instructor

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With over 10 years of teaching experience, Professor Steven Harris-Scott continues to enjoy the diversity of his classroom. It excites him and his students when they teach him something new about their cultures and home countries.

"I try to make my classes fun and engaging, while also getting real work done. I like using many different styles with my students so they don’t get bored (and so I don’t get bored). I lecture, we discuss, they do group work, and they meet with me individually during class some while the rest of the students do a workshop. I also tend to dance from time to time, sing a lot, and play air guitar!"

Want to know his best advice he gives to students starting university study while studying English?

"Don't get frustrated! The Pathway year can be difficult, but it prepares the students so well for the rest of their time at the university if they take advantage of all the support they get with us. I've heard from several of my former students that their second and even third years at Mason were easier than their Pathway year, and that it really prepared them to succeed."