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Living on Long Island

Campus community, city lights

Enjoy a traditional American college experience on Long Island and study 45 minutes outside of New York City. Focus on your studies in a calm and cozy atmosphere and take the train to New York City for career opportunities and things to do. You will be able to easily walk to classes, live in affordable on-campus housing and breathe in the fresh ocean breeze. Hofstra's location puts you in a diverse, coastal community near spectacular beaches, historic landmarks and popular New York City boroughs like Brooklyn and Queens.

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Lots to do and see


A shopping capital of the world, New York boasts plenty of excellent shopping options for every type of style. If you're looking for larger department stores, head to Manhattan for iconic brands. Or visit other hip neighborhoods for unique looks and special finds.

Things to do in New York City

The options are as varied as the city itself. Take a walk through charming Central Park or see a show on Broadway. Countless comedy and live music hotspots can be found throughout the city. Visit the historic Statue of Liberty and learn about the history of Ellis Island. Or relax in a coffeeshop for an afternoon of leisurely studying.

Things to do on Long Island

If staying in a calmer atmosphere is more your style, you can enjoy the sandy beaches throughout Long Island. Eat freshly caught, local seafood on Shelter Island or enjoy the forest and beaches of nearby Fire Island.

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