INTO Manchester in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University teacher and student in class

Teachers at INTO Manchester in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University

Here to help you

Your INTO teachers are here to help you every step of the way. They are all dedicated to supporting international students in their preparation for university success.

Classes are interactive to encourage participation with e-learning materials available to compliment studies. 

Progress reports will encourage you remain on track to achieve your academic ambitions. 

All of our English language courses are accredited by the British Council, and all of our academic programmes are accredited by NCUK


Our partnership with MMU

INTO Manchester works in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).

All of our teaching and support is aimed at helping you to prepare for your studies and student life at MMU.

University Link Tutors visit the centre regularly to offer advice on the university and which courses to apply for. You'll also get to know the University campus through some organised visits.

While studying on your INTO pathway programme, you'll have access to a range of MMU's outstanding facilities.

If you’re studying the International Foundation in Art and Design programme, you'll spend 75% of your time in your own art space in the INTO studio at MMU's prestigious Manchester School of Art. You'll receive technical support to us facilities such as bookbinding, screen-printing, the daylight photography studio and chemical workshop.

INTO Manchester Metropolitan University Reuel Raphael Chen Tzi Jie Tan from Singapore

Reuel from

"Go to classes, enjoy yourself, try not to stress too much,
and everything will be fine!"

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Meet Reuel from Singapore, who completed the International Foundation in Science and Engineering programme at INTO Manchester in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University, and is now studying Nutritional Sciences at MMU.

How did INTO help you progress to university?

I was out of the education system for three years, so coming back wasn’t that easy as I had to relearn lots of things and pick up a lot of new information. INTO helped me to do this really well, and all the staff were really patient.

How did the INTO staff support you?

The staff at INTO were really helpful. Whenever I came to them with an enquiry they were fast to reply, and really tried to help me to solve the problem. The teachers were really helpful - whenever I had a question the could meet me after class or schedule a meeting and really go through the question.

What advice would you give to future students?

Everything in Manchester is very accessible by walking or public transport so nothing is too far. There’s a huge Chinatown and other nationalities can find their own foods too. I love coffee, so my favourite area is the Northern Quarter where there are a lot of independent cafes.

Have you made friends with people from other countries?

I have friends from all over including Japan, Hong Kong, Burma and Korea - it’s a huge mix and no-ones from the same country. It’s really interesting.

Why do you love studying in the UK?

I love studying in the UK because I love the independence and the freedom I get here.