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INTO Marshall University is located in the small, safe college town of Huntington, West Virginia, nestled along the Ohio River. It's a city devoted to the university, which will welcome you with open arms. 

West Virginia offers a lower cost of living than many other states, boasting wide array of outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, skiing, kayaking, zip-lining and more.

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Vibrant lifestyle, happy community

Huntington, a town of about 50,000, will quickly become your second home. The community embraces students from near and far. The city is easy to navigate, with shopping, dining, entertainment and more just a few blocks from campus. 

You'll also find festivals, outdoor activities, sporting events and more. Even our annual international festival is just a short walk from your dorm. Public transportation, grocery shopping, banking and other necessities are conveniently located to campus.

While there's always plenty to do, you’ll also find peace and quiet in which to study without the distractions of a major city. 

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Living in residence halls at Marshall University

Live in on-campus housing

Welcome home

Your home at Marshall will be a welcoming place where you can study, learn and meet new friends. Living on campus will improve your American college experience. You'll be immersed in campus life and learn about the cultures shared by your peers.

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Get involved and make a difference

Student life is a vibrant and exciting experience at Marshall, a fact you’ll learn soon after your arrival. Our beautiful campus offers ample space, both outdoor and state-of-the-art buildings, for meeting with friends and enjoying the various activities the university has to offer, like our more than 200 student groups, homecoming pep rallies and more.

INTO Marshall also gives you many opportunities to participate in parties at our center and take trips to movies, plays, skiing, amusement parks and more.

On-campus dining includes something for everyone as well as opportunities to try new things as you embark on your adventure in the US. Two all-you-can-eat dining halls offer buffet style meals, each having a variety of stations and ever-changing menus to fit everyone’s tastes. The Memorial Student Center has a food court with several options for a quick and easy meal.

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Offering resources for your education

Though you'll begin your studies with INTO Marshall, you'll be a part of the larger Marshall University family. This gives you access to all of the campus facilities. 

Marshall is dedicated to providing students with the best facilities possible, from classrooms and research labs to our recreation center and sports arenas.

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