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Angela Bejarano

Angela Bejarano

Level 4 AE Grammar/Writing, Level 1 AE Speaking/Listening

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Coming from Colombia, Angela Bejarano knows the plight of the international student. She uses it for motivation to help her students become their best.

"I have been in their place as an international student so I know how it feels to be here, away from your family, and I understand what they are going through," she says. "I think of success for my students as when they ask for a reference letter to apply to American universities, because they are continuing and progressing in their journey.”

Bejarano shares the philosophy that we're all similar, no matter our background. That helps in the learning process.

“I like teaching international students because I can learn about their culture. Sometimes we share the same features in our languages. In Arabic language, we share some words that are the same in my native Spanish, so I become closer to them and have a better understanding environment in the classroom.