Nankai group of students eating dinner


Be part of Tianjin's thriving student community

Tianjin is a buzzing city that draws a diverse mix of people. You can see why, when Tianjin has a higher GDP than Beijing and Shanghai. And, reports 14% annual economic growth – fastest for any region in the country. You'll find excellent value for money in Tianjin. The cost of living here is significantly cheaper than the UK or US. You'll be able to make the most of your time in China on a student budget.

The international student hub of China

Tianjin has a history of internationalism – you'll see lots of European architecture from throughout the 20th Century in the Five Avenues district. The beautiful Bohai river flows through the city, popular for evening walks, jogging and late night dancing.

Student life

As an international student, you'll probably attract curiosity from the locals. They'll want to get to know you and your story. Some of our students say they feel like rockstars on campus! The biggest international community in Tianjin is South Korean. Numbers of African and South Asian people are growing at the fastest rate. We'll help you make friends with other international students on campus, and local Chinese students, too. You'll find good restaurants, pool halls and bars for students just across the street from campus. Tianjin has multiple universities, it's a big student-friendly city to live in.

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Working while you study

Your studies at Nankai University will likely include an internship or placement. Tianjin is a great place to be for this. 285 Fortune 500 companies have a presence in the city, including Samsung, Toyota, Motorola, Yamaha and luxury brand hotels. You’re also just 30 minutes on the bullet train from the capital, Beijing. Tianjin is home to one of China’s leading mini-invasive surgery training centres.

Everything you need on campus

The Nankai University campus is so vast that it will feel like your own close-knit student town. New friends are around every corner and we organise lots of activities to help you meet people. Concerts, sports and talent shows are popular here, so bring that acoustic guitar with you! The YICA (Chinese Culture Exchange Society) club offers a platform to share and celebrate your culture with other students. Although there isn't any religious provision on campus, you'll find a number of registered churches and mosques nearby which will welcome you.

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Space for relaxing and studying in your room

A home from home

The international student accommodation building will be your home from home for the next few years. It’s the best option for your first semester, as you’ll be close to everything you need on campus. The building has 24-hour security and key card access. Can’t cook? Don’t cook! You’ll find a number of canteens and restaurants either on-site or within 10 minutes’ walk of your accommodation, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Facilities are similar to dorms in a UK or US university – Wi-Fi, phones, post and laundry are all right where you need them. The international student dormitory gives you the best start to your studies.

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Time to eat

It's the real deal here. Chinese food in China is unlike the Chinese food you get back home. You'll taste the eight main cuisines of Chinese food, which vary significantly in flavour and style. Between the two campuses there are six student canteens, a halal canteen, four large Chinese restaurants, a cafeteria for international students and countless small independent traders selling snacks and drinks around campus. The Tianjin campus also has a fruit, meat and vegetable market. You'll never go hungry – even on a student budget. Typical meals in the canteen cost around RMB 10 – less than a loaf of bread in the Europe.

Need your fries fix? Who doesn't? There are small cafes and western food outlets on campus serving burgers and sandwiches. You can also find a few familiar brands including Subway and Gloria Jeans Coffee just minutes away from the international student dormitory on the Jin Nan campus.