Nankai University postgraduate students in class


Studying for success at Nankai University

Can’t speak Chinese but want to study in China? Don’t worry, the international degree programmes at Nankai University are taught entirely in English, so no prior knowledge of the Chinese language is needed.

All our academic programmes include Chinese language classes as part of your degree, enhancing your CV or resume - and career prospects. And, living in China there will be plenty of opportunities to practice every day.

Support from the teaching faculty at Nankai University

You’ll find a diverse teaching faculty and international classroom made up of students from all over the world. It’s a unique opportunity to learn customs and cultural norms from your new friends from around the globe. You’ll gain newfound confidence for your future career and be at ease interacting with people from different cultures.

We understand your future is important to you. That’s why work placements, Masterclasses or internships are integrated into your study. They’ll provide you with the opportunity to make those important connections with people who can make a real difference to your future.

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Marina, Japan
"The curriculum is in English and I am learning Chinese too, so in the future I will be able to speak three languages." Marina, Japan