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Unlocking your potential

Your learning experience is a journey of self-discovery. Not only will you expand your academic horizons, but you'll also find new personal strengths. You’ll overcome the challenges of studying abroad and make new friends from different cultures. There’s so much to learn, and it doesn’t stop once you leave the classroom.

Our teachers know how to tap into the benefits of a diverse classroom. Your unique background brings a new perspective to group discussions. And, the teachers encourage your active participation in seminars. Need extra help? Your lecturers are available to help explain anything that isn’t clear – you just need to ask.

We have over 10 years’ experience in helping international students just like you. The change from school to university or to postgraduate level study is a culture shift wherever you are. But, we know the added challenges that come to adapting to a new learning environment in a new country too. We’ll help you every step of the way to make the transition simple.

Prof Han

Professor Han, PhD

International Relations Chair and Professor

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What is the benefit of studying at Nankai?

"Nankai has a very special status in the educational history of China. The first Premier and first Minister of foreign affairs, Zhou EnLai, is Nankai Alumni. It is close to Beijing which provides us with easy access to political events and also many weekly conferences, seminars and meetings in which scholars discuss significant world events. The School of Political Science Studies ranks top 5 in China."

What makes Nankai graduates stand out in the job market?

"You can study International Relations in other countries too, but what you can learn by being in China is not the same as reading books or articles. The key point is that you will have actual experience. English-language media does not portray China the way it actually is. The unique experience which you are going to have as a student here is that you are going to know China on the spot. And such kind of understanding is what other students of International Relations from around the world cannot get."