Corvallis, Oregon

Living in Corvallis and Oregon

Why choose Corvallis?

With its diverse population and landscape, Corvallis is ranked as one of the safest, greenest and best college towns in the US. The city offers year-round cultural and outdoor activities so you'll always find something to do. You can take quick weekend trips to the mountains or the coast. If you decide to stay in town, you'll enjoy the local restaurants and boutique shopping.

Your life in Corvallis, Oregon

Downtown Corvallis is only a few blocks away from campus. It is a quaint, small town and an easy place to navigate. Almost all the roads have bicycle lanes. Don't have a bike? There's a free bus line that can take you anywhere in Corvallis. Many festivals or events are organized throughout the year, gathering students and the entire community. Some of the most popular events in town are the Wednesday and Saturday markets. You'll enjoy walking along the river while tasting and buying local, fresh and organic products.

Things to do


A variety of stores

From second-hand clothing stores to outdoor sporting outfitters you will find many one-of-a-kind stores in Corvallis. If you drive an hour towards Portland you will arrive at Woodburn Outlet Mall, it has over 110 stores including internationally recognized brands. Portland is also a great shopping destination where you can find many designer brands.


Many international options

Corvallis has a variety of food types available. Our various international restaurants will give you a taste from home. While our local pubs and breweries will make you discover all of the special tastes of Oregon. Using local and healthy products is the specialty of our restaurants in Corvallis. For dining information, visit the Corvallis food portal.


A culturally-rich town

Ranked as one of the smartest towns in the US, Corvallis residents love culture. Are you artistically inclined? Visit our Arts Center featuring local and regional artists. Interested in history? Visit the Benton County Historical Museum to learn about the history of Corvallis. You love performances? The Majestic Theater or Whiteside Theater located downtown Corvallis regularly host concerts and shows. For more information, visit Corvallis Arts and Culture.

Weather and clothing

What should I wear?

Students at OSU enjoy four distinct seasons in Oregon and dress very casually. Summer and fall are generally sunny and warm; students can be seen wearing shorts, jeans and T-shirts. The spring and winter seasons bring lots of rain. Occasionally, it will snow in the winter. You will need a good coat and shoes for the rain and other warm clothes like sweaters, scarves and gloves.

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"I like living in Corvallis. There are so many outdoor activities. Skiing, rafting, going to the ocean. There is so much to see!" Oguz Serif Urhan Turkey