About The University of Alabama at Birmingham

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a comprehensive urban university with a nationally-recognized academic health center. UAB is the biggest research institution in the state of Alabama, and the university is the largest employer in Alabama. Choose from competitive programs in a variety of fields and seek knowledge that will change your world at UAB.

An impactful education

While Birmingham has its historic roots in the industrial revolution, UAB represents Alabama’s modern era of innovation. Findings like 15 new drugs in process for the Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance, 38 patents issued in 2018 and inventions like freezers orbiting at the International Space Station are what you can expect from the largest research institution in the state. Your ideas are backed up by deep pockets as research funding increased to $527 million during the 2018-19 academic year.

Particularly for those interested in the healthcare industry, our nationally recognized health center is at the forefront of the latest technology, patient care and public health initiatives aimed at serving both local and global communities. Let your imagination run wild to become the solutions to today’s most pressing issues.

You’ll be joining an international community here. Located in the heart of the largest city in the state, you'll be near the best the southern US has to offer.

The exciting journey of college life starts here, with state-of-the-art facilities, numerous learning resources, an active student body and big-time college athletics. That’s just the start—UAB has countless opportunities for you.

Great campus, amazing facilities

For 50 years, UAB has been a pioneer in the world of education. That spirit of not settling for what has been and looking forward to what the world could be translates into research projects that aren’t just bullet points to add to your portfolio, but also are thoughtful contributions to the communities at home and abroad. As a student, that means you can rest easy knowing you have the academic resources and support of a powerhouse research institute to turn your ideas into discoveries.

The university is continually investing, innovating and offering more to students. In 2016, UAB built the new Hill Student Center. The impressive facility provides space for student activities, gatherings and services, as well as meetings and conferences. The Collat School of Business, School of Nursing and University Hall Buildings are newly renovated and provide campus with cutting-edge research facilities, classrooms and opportunities to take your education to the next level. You'll find upgraded dining facilities, a stadium-style theater, a two-story bookstore and a technology store. There's also the One-Stop Student Service Center for admissions, course registration, student accounting, parking, financial aid and student ID functions.