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A quality education starts with the teachers who deliver it. All our instructors are University of South Florida faculty with years of university teaching experience, field work and research. Many of them have taught overseas or have been international students themselves; thus, they know how to provide the best learning experience for you.

With small class sizes of 20 or fewer students, you’ll get the individual attention you need to thrive in the classroom and beyond.

Laura Murphy

Andrei Danila

English Instructor

Read Andrei's story

Moving to a new country and perfecting a new language can be an incredible adventure for students. English Instructor Andrei Danilo sees it as a similar experience as the one doing the teaching.

"Every day I work with international students is a privilege and I find myself on a journey of discovering more and more fascinating depths about all of our wonderful cultures and about the differences and similarities that bring us together," he says.

He sees INTO USF as a way to open new doors for students and professors.

"Studying at INTO USF means having unlimited opportunities for practicing and developing your English skills, both in class and outside of the academic environment, while having fun and enjoying the company of new friends."

Are you ready to start your journey? Andrei will be ready for you when you do.

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