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Why study a future-focused subject?

The importance of discovering solutions to long-term problems is greater than ever. From renewable energy and creative technologies to cognitive psychology and business in STEM fields, by choosing to study a future-focused subject at university now, you could become part of shaping a stronger and more sustainable future for communities across the globe.

Where can I study a future-focused subject?

Discover how these subjects are changing the world

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Where can a Renewable Energy degree take you?

Hakeem from Nigeria co-founded ChargedUp – a green grab-and-go solution to phone charging using solar technology – at the University of Exeter.

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What should you study to help future businesses?

Tianhao from China studied Business Analytics MSBA at Suffolk University. His future goal? To make masterful predictions for global businesses.

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How does Psychology improve the future?

A study conducted by UEA’s School of Psychology has put virtual reality rehabilitation for stroke survivors to the test, using a brand new gaming platform.

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Study Renewable Energy at the University of Exeter

Pioneering Renewable Energy programs that make use of specialist renewable energy facilities, including hydroelectric turbines, photovoltaics, wind power, hydraulic systems and biomass heating.

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Study Psychology at the University of East Anglia

Utilize the latest Psychology facilities to aid your learning, including a Virtual Reality Laboratory, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Laboratory, EEG Laboratory and Brain Imaging Center.

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Study Business at Oregon State University

From Business Analytics to Digital Marketing, OSU's programs are designed for business pioneers who have the drive to lead, manage and problem solve in new business frontiers.

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Study Technology at Illinois State University

Achieve excellence in the new normal of the digital world. Prepare for your future career in technology as a social media expert, or learn how to create unique VR worlds that will enrich lives.

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Study Business Analytics at Suffolk University

Make data-driven decisions and optimize profit for global companies. Graduate with work experience, completing 150 hours of professional big data business analytics experience.

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