Don’t wait. Get your visa. Join us on campus this September.

If you can’t arrive on time, start online. Join us on campus as soon as you can travel.

There isn’t just one route to success. This September, our flexible study options will keep you on track for university success – whether you start on campus or online at home.

At our Centers in the UK, you have the additional flexibility of being able to arrive as soon as you can travel, so there’s no need to wait until the end of term to start your study abroad experience.

Updates for students applying to universities in the UK or US

Students applying to UK universities

For September 2020, you can start your pathway at one of our Centres. We will be offering interactive learning through a mixture of online and in-person teaching in small groups that follow government guidelines, ensuring you can study safely.

If you are unable to arrive in time to start your studies, you can also stay on-track with your education by starting your studies online. You can then join us in person as soon as it’s possible for you to travel – there’s no need to wait until the end of term. Arrive any time and we will fully support you with the transition to ensure that it does not impact on your learning.

Start building your future online or in the UK – the choice is yours!

Students applying to US universities

If you are not currently living in the US, we encourage you to confirm your program for an online start. If you are living in the US, we are planning to welcome students on campus for face-to-face instruction. We will continue to provide updates to your upcoming program as the situation evolves.

When you are able to travel to campus, we will make sure you are safe there. There will be measures in place to ensure the campus community can follow social distancing guidelines, as well as increased cleaning services and hybrid online and face-to-face courses.

Whether you’re studying at home or abroad, we are with you every step of the way.

INTO’s Triple Promise: our flexible learning solution

You have the flexibility to decide how and when you'll take the next step towards your degree. If unable to attend a course* face-to-face, you can personalize your enrolment needs with INTO’s Triple Promise.

Whether you choose an online course, defer your start date, or request a refund on pre-payments, we have all options covered.

*Our Triple Promise applies to INTO programs only – if you are applying directly to a university degree, please contact the relevant university for further information.

Why start online?

During these uncertain times, you can still count on earning your degree on the same schedule and with the same expert teachers and career-ready courses. By starting your online, you will:

  • gain the independent working techniques needed to excel in today’s job market
  • talk to classmates around the world using our live chat feature and discussion forums
  • access our in-country support services that will enhance your online student experience with face-to-face support for you and your parents, in your time zone and local language
  • receive a high quality teaching from teachers that have experience in delivering education online and with the latest e-learning technologies

Frequently asked questions about online learning

Can I still apply for courses starting in September 2020?

Yes. We are still accepting applications for all of our courses for September 2020. If students are unable to get a visa and travel to the UK to start one of our on-campus programs in September, students can start their studies online and transfer to their chosen campus or center as soon as they are able to get their visa and travel.

What are the deadlines for the online courses?

There is no application deadline. Students must confirm their place two weeks before the course start date and complete course registration one week before the course start date.

What should I do if I can't submit my transcripts or other documentation?

Any students who thinks they will have difficulty in providing final transcripts or other documents required for their INTO application should speak either to their Educational Advisor, or the Central Admissions team, who will be able to advise of any alternative options that may be applicable.

Will course fees remain the same?

The tuition fees for our online courses will not be lower than our face-to-face provision.

Our prices recognize that students will be taught by the same teachers, to the same high quality and standard, and with the same learning and progression outcomes.

All students starting online automatically qualify for a Confirm with Confidence Scholarship, which is circa 20% of the first term tuition fee.

Can I apply for an online course with an English test other than IELTS for UKVI?

Students do not need a UKVI IELTS to study an online course but do need to provide an English language qualification that meets course requirements.

We can accept a number of alternative English language tests as evidence of your English language level for entry to the course, including Duolingo and Password Solo.

Click here for the latest information.

What is the latest guidance from UKVI regarding online courses?

UKVI has released the following guidance confirming that students who have been studying in the UK on a Tier 4 visa, or had been planning to, will be able to study their course by distance-learning.

  • Tier 4 Sponsors can teach courses by distance learning to students in the UK with existing Tier 4 visas, or those who were studying on Tier 4 visas and have chosen to return home, but still want to continue their studies. It’s not necessary to withdraw sponsorship of students in these cases. This provision will be reviewed again on July 31 2020. It’s also now possible for Sponsors to issue CAS to students who are outside the UK and will have to start studying their courses online from outside the UK, as long as the students transition to face to face teaching in the UK as soon as they can. This provision will be available for the duration of the 2020-2021 academic year, although UKVI will monitor it closely.
  • Students who already have Tier 4 visas for future courses, but have been unable to travel and can’t now study on campus, are permitted to undertake these courses by distance learning as well. Again, it is not necessary to withdraw sponsorship. This provision will be reviewed again on July 31 2020.
  • Prospective students who haven’t yet applied for a Tier 4 visa, but wish to study a course by distance learning, can do so – as they will not be coming to the UK, they do not need a Tier 4 visa.
Have entry requirements changed?

No, entry requirements remain the same. We can however accept a number of alternative English language tests as evidence of your English language level for entry to the course, including Duolingo and Password Solo. You can find more detailed information here.

If I start studying my course online, when I join my program on campus will I still need a Secure English Language Test (SELT) to apply for my visa?

The following information is in line with the latest UKVI guidance and is subject to change.

Progression from Online Pre-sessional English to our partner universities
When you progress to your university degree, you will be able to use your results from the Online Pre-sessional English for your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).

Progression from Online Academic English to an INTO program
If you are progressing to a degree level (NQF Level 6) programme, you will be able to use your results from the Online Academic English for your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).

For all non-degree level programs (e.g International Foundation) and English language courses, you will still need a Secure English Language Test to obtain a CAS for your progression program.

INTO Manchester and INTO London students
For progression to all programs at the Center, you will need a Secure English Language Test to obtain a CAS.

What will online learning look like eg. class hours, synchronous learning?

Across all of our online pathway programs we guarantee the same number of learning hours online as face-to-face programs.

All programs will include a mixture of synchronous (live classes) and asynchronous activities which students will have more flexibility to complete in their own time. These will make use of various apps and interactive learning tools and can include:

  • recorded lectures
  • quizzes
  • discussion boards
What equipment do students need to join the online program?

Students will need the following:

  • a laptop or desktop computer with camera and microphone enabled
  • reliable internet access
  • a headset
  • a calculator (for Science and Engineering pathways)
  • an environment suitable for effective study without distractions
WIll one-to-one support be made available?

All students will be fully supported throughout their course and will receive regular one-to-one tutorials by video to discuss their progress and answer any questions.

How can I connect with other students during my online course?

Through the Virtual Learning Environment, students will be able to connect with one another through forum discussions, the 'Live' virtual classroom which includes breakout rooms for group work/live chat, as well as messaging functionality on the platform.

How will students be supported regarding progression?

INTO will support students starting online by offering a comprehensive range of free progression and placement services. Our experienced staff will support every step of your journey by offering general and specialised progression university counselling including:

  • advice on choosing suitable university courses you can progress to
  • opportunities to hear more about the university from key centre and university staff at regular events
  • one-to-one advice on completing university applications forms
What are the progression requirements from the online courses to my academic program?

Successful completion of the relevant Online Pathway, Online Pre-Sessional English or Online Academic English course will guarantee progression onto a student’s confirmed study plan, subject to meeting any other conditions of their offer for their progression program.

Successful completion requires 100% attendance of live lessons, completion of all self-study online tasks and obtaining expected entry scores required for study plan.

If I choose to cancel my course, can I get a refund?

You can confirm you place with confidence, knowing that if you change your mind or your circumstances change, you can change or cancel you study plan at no additional cost ahead of the course start date.

Refund policy for September 2020

Tuition fees
For any student who has confirmed for a course with a September/October start date, if the student wishes to cancel their study plan up to and including the day before the start date, they will be eligible for a full refund without cancellation fees for any fees they have paid regardless of which Terms and Conditions they are signed on to.

For any student who has confirmed for a course with a September/October start date if the student wishes to cancel their study plan and has taken out INTO insurance they will be eligible for a full refund of their insurance premium as long as they haven’t travelled and have not made a claim regardless of which Terms and Conditions they are signed on to.

If unable to travel and a students begin their studies online, we will allocate any prepayments to any outstanding tuition fees or if the student has already paid in full, credit this towards accommodation from January 2021. If a student chooses to cancel their study plan, they can cancel their accommodation booking and issue a full refund on any pre-payments up and including the day before the start date for their programme.

7-day online money-back guarantee
If a student decides that online learning isn’t for them, if they cancel your course in writing within seven calendar days of their start date, they will receive a full refund on any pre-payments.

Is the quarantine period included into the course dates?

Yes - the quarantine period is included in the course dates. Students should arrive as normal and the induction program will be set up so that the students in quarantine can access this online. Meaning, it's not mandatory for students to arrive two weeks before the course start date.

What measures have the centers put in place to minimise the risks presented by the virus?

INTO is committed to keeping centers safe and we will ensure all guidelines issued by the Public Health Agencies of England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland are adhered to. An increased cleaning regime will ensure spaces are hygienically clean at all times. Hand sanitiser and handwashing facilities will be provided across campus, particularly in high-traffic areas. Centers will aim to operate within Government Guidelines. Signage in the centers and INTO managed accommodation will remind people of the need to keep their distance and wash their hands regularly. Any students who show symptoms will be supported to self-isolate.

What does a student need to do to prepare for their arrival?

Students will be sent a copy of INTO Pre-departure Guide. Our centers will also be offering virtual Pre-departure events. Click here to sign up.

Students are advised to bring their own face coverings as these will be required on public transport and other areas where social distancing is not always practical. INTO will not be supplying these.

Where will a student stay during quarantine (if required)?

We would expect students to stay in the INTO managed or INTO referred accommodation during quarantine.

If a student starts their course online when/how should they book accommodation?

Students that start their program online in September, will by default have accommodation held from January 2021. If a student is able to arrive earlier, they will need to inform the Center as soon as possible, thus allowing the Center to confirm accommodation for the arrival date.

When will students start paying for their accommodation?

Students transitioning from online to on-campus will receive a revised student statement, this will include accommodation charged from the arrival date communicated by the student and confirmed by the Center.

What support is available to students during quarantine?

Centers will support students quarantining with access to food delivery services and enhanced welcome packs including items such as kitchenware and cleaning products.

What happens if there is a second lockdown?

Your safety and wellbeing is always our primary concern. We hope there will not be another lockdown but in the unfortunate eventuality that there is, the teams in center will support you with access to food and medical care if necessary. Courses will also be available online so you will always be able to continue your studies remotely.