INTO University of East Anglia (INTO UEA) pre-arrival guide

You’ve chosen to study in Norwich – a favorite UK student city. But what happens next? How can you get organized ahead of your travels?

This guide will take you through what you can do to prepare for your studies at INTO UEA. From joining our pre-arrival preparation program to accessing your orientation week schedule, discover what student life in the UK will be like before you arrive.

Access INTO UEA's pre-arrival program

Eager to begin your study abroad preparation? Prepare for your studies early by accessing our pre-arrival program a week before you enroll, from 02 January 2023. Online content available to you may include:

  • opportunity to meet new students who will study with you
  • information about the INTO Center, UEA campus and the city of Norwich
  • talks from alumni sharing their experiences at INTO and their graduate careers
  • videos, blogs and documents that answer common questions
  • student discussion forums to engage with your classmates
  • virtual escape rooms and other games
  • free access to a certified Digital Literacy course to boost your digital skills.

Find out about Welcome Week

Discover what you'll do during your first week at INTO UEA. You’ll find your Welcome Week timetable on our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Blackboard. Activities will include:

  • meeting academic and support staff
  • an introduction to your INTO program
  • module introductions or taster sessions
  • tours of the campus and the vibrant city of Norwich
  • registering with the doctor based on the UEA campus
  • student support and wellbeing talks
  • social activities and an introduction to the social program.

Get to know your new home in the UK

Familiarize yourself with Norwich, UEA’s campus and INTO Center before you’ve set foot in the country.