Study abroad in China

Experience new cultures

China has become an increasingly popular choice among students wanting to study abroad, and with good reason.

This vibrant and eclectic destination has it all – scenic views, historic landmarks, lively cities and friendly people.

And you’ll be studying in the heart of one of the world’s most innovative countries, making it a fantastic starting point for your career.

Top 5 reasons to study in China

  1. Studying abroad shows that you’re able to adapt to new challenges and different environments, a valuable skill to have in the workplace. China is a huge market for business and economics, and first-hand experience of this fast-paced culture will set you apart from other candidates.
  2. Mandarin is one of the world’s most spoken languages so learning this could help open up a wide variety of opportunities! And you don’t need to speak the language before coming to study here – you can learn it once you arrive.
  3. China has a diverse blend of cultures and ethnicities, so it’s a welcoming place to study as an international student. Tianjin is a thriving student city where there’s always something to see or do.
  4. Living in China will enable to you to experience the unique mix of historic sights and modern living. From ancient structures such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City to enormous cities and contemporary architecture to explore, you’ll never be short of things to do in your leisure time.
  5. China is an affordable place to live and study, so it’s perfect for students. From food and accommodation to travelling around the city, your money will go further here.
Worried about adjusting to a new culture? We can help you settle in

Stay safe studying

Keeping safe is important, particularly when you’re living somewhere new. China is a safe place to live but it’s sensible to take precautions where you can.

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Managing your money

China is an inexpensive place to live, making it perfect for student budgets. We can show you where to access English-speaking banking services and help you set up a local bank account when you arrive.

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Looking after your health

The quality of healthcare in China is good, and you’ll find that Western medicine is offered alongside traditional Chinese medicine. On-campus medical facilities are available for minor health issues, and we can help explain your symptoms or accompany you to a doctor should you need it.

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Getting your visa

Depending on how long you’ll be staying in China, there are a few different visa options to choose from. We’ll help you pick the right one and make sure that all your forms are filled out correctly to make the process as simple as possible.

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Travelling around China

Travelling to and around China is easy – located just 30 minutes from Beijing, you’ll be able to explore much more of this exciting country than just Tianjin. What’s more, local transport is cheap and regularly available.

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