Living in Tianjin

Living in Tianjin

Thriving student community

Tianjin is a buzzing city with a diverse mix of people living, working and studying here. There’s a large international student community here too, so you’ll settle in and feel at home as soon as you arrive.

With a low cost of living that will help your student budget stretch further, a great mix of cultural attractions, shopping and nightlife, as well as the beautiful Bohai River that runs through the city, you’ll quickly see why so many people choose to study in Tianjin.

What makes Tianjin unique?

  • Tianjin is 6th largest city in China with a population of 13 million people – more than London, New York or Tokyo
  • A brilliant mix of traditional culture, modern facilities and great architecture
  • Over 1,200 international students living and studying here
  • 30 minutes on the bullet train to vibrant Beijing

Food in Tianjin

While dining in Tianjin, you’ll have the chance to try cuisines from other regions of China as well as local, traditional dishes. In particular, Nanshi Food Street is a great place to visit if you’re keen to sample regional foods, alongside western flavours and other cuisines.

Want to try something classically Tianjinese? Choose a Goubuli Baozi which is a steamed stuffed bun that is renowned in this part of China. Or you might prefer a Shiba Jie Mahua which is a sweet dough twist that is fried until crispy.

Shopping in Tianjin

There’s a mix of modern shopping malls and more traditional stores here in Tianjin, meaning you have a great range of options when it comes to shopping.

The most popular streets for shopping are Binjiang Dao Business Street and Heping Lu Business Street, where you’ll find the majority of the bigger stores such as Quanye Chang, Isten Department Store and Jinhui Shopping Square. If you want to go somewhere more traditional, Gu Wenhua Jie is a great place to start.

Main attractions

Tianjin is filled with a wide variety of attractions to explore, including:

  • Ancient Cultural Street
  • Huangyaguan Great Wall
  • Water Park
  • Mt. Panshan Scenic Area
  • Haihe River

Working while studying

While studying at Nankai University, you’ll most likely have the opportunity to get involved in an internship or a work placement. Tianjin is the perfect location for this, with 285 Fortune 500 companies in the city including Samsung, Toyota, Yamaha, Motorola and more. And just half an hour away from Beijing by bullet train, you’ll have many more employment options nearby too.