Study abroad in Newcastle

One of the UK's friendliest cities

Looking for a friendly city to study in? Newcastle will welcome you with open arms. It's vibrant, energetic and full of character, and well known for being one of the UK's friendliest cities.

It's one of the most popular student cities, so you'll be part of a strong community. The city has great nightlife and shopping, along with iconic landmarks such as the Angel of the North and the Tyne bridge.

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What makes Newcastle unique?

  • Cosmopolitan city with a bustling atmosphere and friendly locals
  • Mix of industrial heritage, Georgian architecture and modern touches
  • Fantastic nightlife with a wide range of bars and clubs to enjoy
  • A rich arts scene with countless museums, galleries, theatre and live music
  • Compact city centre that’s easy to navigate

Cost of living

After a few weeks of living in Newcastle, you’ll begin to have a better understanding of what things cost. This is the ideal time to look at your finances and create your budget so you can keep track of your money.

The below figures are an estimated monthly budget for the main expenses you’ll have, excluding tuition and accommodation fees. The actual amounts you spend may vary but this is a useful guide.

  • Food – £150
  • Entertainment and social activities – £175
  • Travel (local) – £30
  • Clothes and toiletries – £60
  • Other expenses e.g. haircut – £40

Food in Newcastle

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to food in Newcastle. There’s a huge variety of restaurants and cafés, including many budget options. 

The Settle Down Café is a cool spot to hang out with friends and enjoy a slice of cake or a comforting bowl of soup, while the Tyneside Bar Café offers a great menu of grilled sandwiches, curries and salads. Ernest is a popular café-bar which is perfect if you’re looking for tasty homemade food at a reasonable price.

Eldon Square and Grey Street are great spots for dining, with plenty of restaurants, cafés and snack spots to choose from, and Newcastle’s own Chinatown is within walkable distance from the city centre.

Whether you’re looking for comfort foods to remind you of home or are looking to try some of the local specialties, you'll find plenty of choice here. Newcastle is known for stotty cakes, pease pudding and brown ale. You could also try Pan Haggerty, a hearty potato dish.  

For more budget-friendly options, Newcastle has a collection of great street food outlets. You'll also find popular chain restaurants in The Gate entertainment centre and intu Metrocentre. If you want something a little more special, the Quayside and Gateshead offer a brilliant selection.

Living on campus at Newcastle University

Travel in and around Newcastle

Newcastle is a compact city, so making your way around on foot or on a bike is often a great option. 

The Tyne and Wear Metro rail system (much like the London Underground) is one of the best ways for getting around the city – it services the city centre, airport and railway station, and there are stations close to the campus.

If you need to travel a little further, the central train station offers quick connections to London, Scotland and the UK's major cities. 

And the Metro has over 60 stations across Newcastle for easy access to a host of locations, including Gateshead, North Tyneside and Sunderland. A bus ticket will cost you around £3 and subway tickets range from around £2 to £4. 

You can use your Newcastle University Student ID to buy tickets and travel around the city on the Metro. Prices start from £26 for four weeks.

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Festivals and events in Newcastle

Newcastle is home to some great festivals and events throughout the year, including:

Nightlife in Newcastle

Newcastle is famous for its nightlife, which is among the best in the UK. From great club nights to well known DJs from around the world, there's always something going on every night of the week, whatever music you're into. 

Popular club venues include Shindig, Digital, The Bigg Market, The Gate and Ouseburn Valley.

Employability in Newcastle

You’ll find numerous employment opportunities in Newcastle. Major employers include Nissan, Deloitte, FlyBe, Procter & Gamble, and AkzoNobel.