Student reading in library
Student reading in library

The English language

Spoken in over 50 countries, the English language is prominent across the globe, opening the doors to a world of opportunities.

English gives you access to explore multiple travel destinations and has the potential to propel your career prospects.

Top 3 tips for learning a new language


Read as much as you can: Whether it’s your favorite novel or an online article, reading in English will help familiarize you with the language.


Practice speaking: Start small. Ask for directions, order at a restaurant, practice speaking with a friend. Once you start, you will be surprised at how quickly you start to pick up the language.


Watch entertainment: There is so much entertainment out there. Pick your favorite English-speaking film and watch it with subtitles.

Real-life learning

Improve your English outside of the classroom with these five easy and achieveable tips from Huiying.

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Essential English

What have cats and dogs got to do with rain? This guide to modern English will help you understand!

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Essay writing tips

Get top marks for your essays! Follow these tips to ensure your academic writing is something to be proud of.

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