Nadia Joffre

Nadia's University of South Florida experience

University in the US: Nadia's Experience

We spoke with Nadia from Bolivia and asked her to share some of her experiences while studying at the University of South Florida in the US.

What was your first impression about USF?

I came with my parents; they were here just for a couple days. It was fun, because the campus was so big and everything was really new for me. The weather is really similar to the weather back home. That was one of the reasons why I chose Florida.

How easy was it to make friends at USF?

I actually have a really interesting group of friends from Russia, Asia, South America etc. I feel that we are more united and connected since we are all foreigners.

Did you think it was difficult to adjust to studying in the US?

In the beginning, it was a little bit tough due to living by myself and feeling homesick. Now I look back and feel proud that I have made it this far. My perspective changed and I would like to stay here for some time after graduation and take advantage of all that we are experiencing. I am happy that I came here. I think it is the right place to come.

Being part of a community and running helped Nadia to overcome homesickness

Being part of a community and running helped Nadia to overcome her homesickness

Why did you choose to study finance?

During the first year, you grab a little bit of everything and take couple courses of each section or field. When I took the Principle of Finance course I loved it. For me, finance and economics is the same thing seen from different angles, and I like the finance angle better.

What was your internship experience like?

My parents and my uncle told me to apply to Apple. I was looking for internship at that time, because I knew I had to get at least one internship here in the U.S. before I leave. I checked the website where you can apply and sent the resume and the cover letter. I just gave it a shot and never imagine that I would get the opportunity at the end.

What advice do you have for future INTO USF students?

I would strongly encourage them to get involved with American culture, at least in the beginning. It is going to help them a lot.