Student support at INTO City, University of London

If you ever have a question about living or studying in London, our dedicated support team are here to help you. Whether you need help finding your way to Buckingham Palace, balancing your workload or registering with a local doctor, there’s someone here to offer advice.

What will happen during my first week at INTO?

During your first week at the INTO City Study Centre, there will be lots going on to help you get settled in. You’ll have plenty to keep you busy, including:

  • exciting social activities where you can meet new friends
  • an introduction to your academic course
  • an IT session where you'll be given your login details and learn to use our online platforms
  • the opportunity to get to know the key members of staff in the Centre
  • help with administration tasks such as registering with a doctor/dentist and opening a bank account

Where can I ask for help with my work?

Your teachers at INTO City, University of London are always willing to answer any questions or help you with any problems you might have – after all, they want you to succeed!

When you begin your course, you’ll be assigned a Personal Tutor – who you’ll get to know during your first week. They will be there to help you with any academic or personal issues at any time throughout your studies. They’ll make sure you settle in, monitor your academic progress, and can refer you for additional support if ever you need it.

Who do I go to for English language support?

If you need help with your English language development, our specialist Language Advisors are here to offer additional support. There’s also a dedicated Chinese Language Support Officer who is specially trained to help Chinese-speaking students.

If you need any extra help with your communication skills, there are a number of options including individual and group lessons, online support, revision sessions and one-to-one language teaching at an additional cost.

How will INTO City support me with student life?

If you have a question or need help during your time at INTO, the Student Services team will be happy to assist you. You'll also have a 24-hour emergency telephone number if you need to speak to someone out of office hours. On campus, you'll find:

  • Visa and immigration support, including workshops and one-to-one appointments
  • Confidential support for students with disabilities
  • Residential Assistants within student residences
  • Great Students’ Union with a wide range of clubs and social programmes
  • Orientation programmes during your first week to help you settle in
  • Help registering with a doctor
  • Counselling service
  • Chinese language advisors

I’m under 18 – is there extra support for me?

If you're under the age of 18, we offer a wide range of additional support to help you on your study abroad journey. This includes a one-to-one session with the Student Services team every term, who are always there to help with anything you might need. We also have live-in wardens in our accommodation who are there to check on you in the evening. During the induction week, you'll attend a dedicated under 18 session where you can find out more information and meet other students who are the same age as you.