Why study science at Colorado State University?

If you know you want to study science, but need help narrowing it down, Colorado State University is a great place to begin. Our wide range of science programs are backed up by world-class faculty, research funding and cutting-edge facilities. Mixing traditional science programs with other fields can turn into fulfilling careers. Biology can be combined with computer science to form bioinformatics or with visual arts to lead to scientific illustrations. Discover your passion for the sciences at CSU.

  • CSU's chemistry specialities include analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, materials, physical and sustainability.
  • Sustainability degree programs consist of ecosystem science and sustainability; environmental and natural resource economics; environmental health; environmental horticulture; and we also have environmental focuses in programs outside of the sciences.
  • CSU's atmospheric science department has faculty, graduate students and full-time researchers focusing on the planet's ongoing issues like air quality, radiation, atmosphere-ocean dynamics and meteorology.