Meet your faculty at Drew University

Your faculty at Drew will say they love to work with enthusiastic students. With a wealth of teaching experience and international links, you will find that many have studied and lived abroad themselves. This is why your faculty is passionate about teaching international students and have a real understanding of your needs.

To make sure you feel ready for life after graduation, your professors will work with you to ensure an unforgettable and rewarding experience at Drew University. This will include:

  • out-of-classroom experiences
  • a hands-on learning approach to teaching subjects
  • small classes of no more than 20 students for English language teaching

Who should I go to for help?

Our tutors are highly-qualified, experienced staff members from a diverse set of backgrounds who are here to help you with any academic questions you may have. Your academic coach will help you navigate living and studying in the US. You can go to them for help with anything from understanding a class assignment to diving deeper into research for one of your major classes. At Drew, your academic success is our top priority, and we'll help you achieve that with hands-on support for your studies. Our tutorial services offer:

  • extended hours for study support
  • personalized study sessions
  • exam preparation and building study guides
  • discussing career options for your future

Other support provided to you includes:

  • access to a variety of mentors and internship opportunities through Drew’s Launch platform
  • group and individual English skills practice, including Conversation Partners
  • automatic enrollment into UNIVERSITY 101, a class that teaches students how to navigate studying abroad in the US