Why study the arts at Hofstra?

There's no better place to get your stage time than New York. Hofstra will give you the theory and technique training you need to shine in your postgraduate Broadway auditions. Hofstra's art specializations range from a bachelor's of fine arts in dance to a minor in musical theatre. Earn your arts degree less than an hour away from New York City.

  • Take acting courses that range from Shakespeare to modern television.
  • Hofstra's Unispan Records is a student-run record label where you can learn the ins and outs of music production, recording and promotions.
  • Through the dance program you can choreograph a routine for the American College Dance festival.
  • Participate in a Hofstra long-standing tradition, the annual Shakespeare festival.
#61 Highest Paid Music Graduates College Factual 2020 at Hofstra

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