Why study computer science at Hofstra?

Computer science has transformed the way businesses operate. Software can give you the advantage whether it's through customer experience or managing your website. From cybersecurity to business-minded programming, Hofstra's computer science programs prepare you to tackle the technical forecast when you graduate.

  • Hofstra's computer science program offers a leadership and innovation concentration.
  • Through this program, you can complete a 10- to-13-week internship with a local startup company. Also, entrepreneurs will mentor you in all aspects of working, managing and organizing a startup.
  • Hofstra is one of only nine US universities to partner with Facebook for professional cybersecurity training. We work with Facebook and CodePath.org,to extend a 12-week cybersecurity training coding academy. Facebook also advertises various scholarships to top students and invites them to cybersecurity conferences, like the famed Facebook Developer Conference in the Silicon Valley.

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