We're here to help you

As an international student, you might have a lot of questions about what studying at an American university will be like. How to choose a US degree program, how to apply to the university and how to apply for a visa make up just the beginning of your list of questions. From the moment you begin your application to Illinois State, we are here to support you, answer questions and help you prepare for life abroad.

When you arrive at Illinois State, the support only continues. We provide you with a safe place to land and a welcoming smile at a nearby international airport in the US. Depend on our staff to help you settle into campus and American life. Not sure you understand a homework assignment? Our tutoring services can help you with that. Want assistance with housing? Let us help you figure out residence halls and dining. Need a friend and the comfort of home? Our social and cultural programs introduce you to friendly faces and experiences that help you feel comfortable in your new surroundings.

Academic support

Are you having trouble in your calculus class? Maybe you need a little help on your scientific research paper? We've got you covered. We specialize in student support and will help you reach your academic goals. Tutors work with you on English language skills as well as subjects like math, science, engineering and business.

Your life at Illinois State

To be successful at an American university, you can participate in activities outside of the classroom. With more than 400 student organizations, you're sure to find one that grabs your personal and professional interests. Not sure how to join an organization? Don't worry. Our student services team can help you find your best match. We are committed to helping you integrate in to the US as easily and quickly as possible. In addition to student clubs, you'll find social and cultural programs through the INTO Center that pair you with other international students experiencing the same journey as you.