Studying at INTO London

UK degrees are designed to develop the critical thinking, creativity and confidence that potential employers look for.

You’ll be encouraged to come up with your own ideas, to debate with other students, and to ask questions.

This approach of directing your own success can sound quite scary at first, which is why your INTO teachers are equipped to support you through this transition.

Experienced and supportive teachers

Your teachers at the INTO Centre understand how challenging it can be to learn in a new study environment, so will help you get accustomed to the new education system from your first class. They will prepare you for university learning, while giving you all the knowledge and support you need to succeed on your pathway course.

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Support while you study

With 10 years’ experience, you can trust us to support you achieving success and happiness.

We'll prepare everything you need to live, study, work and succeed in a new country.

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What can I expect from the UK education system?

A typical UK degree will include a range of teaching methods:

Lectures Large classes, where you’ll be taken through concepts and theories, and shown how these apply to the real world.

Seminars/tutorials Small classes with presentations, discussions and informal debates, and where you can ask questions.

Practical workshops Hands-on classes to develop your real-world skills.

Industry placements Some courses (known as “sandwich degrees”) offer a year's industry placement in full-time employment, to help prepare you for your future career.

You’ll need to manage your own time to conduct research outside of the classroom, prepare assignments, and study for exams. These will assess your own understanding of a subject, rather than your ability to memorise and repeat the facts you’ve been told.

For many international students, being responsible for their own learning is one of the hardest challenges they’ll face. Your INTO pathway course will help you build your independent learning skills, teach you how to reference sources and structure your academic essays, and give you with constructive feedback to help you be the best you can be.

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Keeping you on track

Your progress will be monitored throughout the programme. You will receive five reports throughout the academic year at INTO London, followed by final transcript of your results at the end of the programme. You will also have at least one tutorial per term with your Personal Tutor, who will discuss your progress with you.


You are expected to attend all timetabled classes, be aware of any changes to your class time or room and attend any other events set by INTO, such as extra classes. If you know that you will miss a class due to illness or another reason, you should contact your INTO Centre to let them know.

We encourage you to be actively involved in every part of your studies by preparing in advance for your lessons, asking and answering questions in class and working with your classmates.

Your class timetable

Your academic timetable is created by the Academic Support Team in the INTO Centre and will include classes for a selection of different modules. The modules shown in your timetable are dependent on the pathway programme you choose. Most programmes only have core modules, which means that you will have a set selection of modules to take, but on certain programmes you may have specialist modules to choose between.

You will receive your timetable via email once you have arrived at the Centre and fully registered for your programme. Newly updated timetables will be sent out at the beginning of each term. If you would like a hard copy of your timetable, we can provide one for you – simply contact the Academic Support Team.