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Our teachers are experienced in helping international students adapt to a new learning culture. They aim to make their classes a fun environment where hard work is rewarded. You’ll benefit from their knowledge and expertise. 

Your progress will be monitored closely to make sure you stay on track to achieve your academic goals. And, regular feedback will ensure you improve with each assignment.

Meet Shirley

Shirley comes from a background in Communications, she has extensive editorial and digital publishing experience within the charitable, social and healthcare sectors, as well as the national media.

Shirley Norrie

Shirley Norrie

Senior Teacher (Tutoring and Coaching)

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What do you think is the best part of INTO?

“INTO students get on really well as a group, thanks in part to the wonderful variety of activities arranged by Student Services. At lunchtime they will go out for a meal or bring in some home-cooked noodles to share. They phone each other in the morning to make sure everyone arrives in class on time.”

How do your classes help students with their future careers?

“We have students learning English to grow their business worldwide, to enhance their portfolio in the corporate world or become scholars able to read the most cutting edge academic journals. General English classes offer the flexibility to teach broad topics such as business, family and cultural life, and more specialist language appropriate to student needs.”

Meet Ala

Ala worked in the private sector for some time, including the Financial Times and has worked in the education sector for several years. Ala graduated from University of Exeter with a BA in Economics and Finance.

Ala Tchalabi

Ala Tchalabi

Business and Economics teacher

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What do you bring to the students at INTO London?

I myself had to go through the transition as well like the students here, as I came originally from a different educational background, so I understand what the students are adapting to.

I also have a variety of experience which I can bring into the classroom, real world experiences, which make the lessons more interesting for the students.

What do you like most about teaching international students:

I enjoy the challenge of working with students from different cultures and educational backgrounds. Each student will bring with them exposure to a specific culture or knowledge of a specific area which can be really interesting when exploring a specific area in class.

What do you specialise in?

One of the courses I teach is called ‘The world of business’. It is a chance for students to explore the foundations of business. We introduce the idea that students have to start their own business and then they can apply all the concepts they have learnt in class, from financing it, to managing it, to hiring people in their business, to marketing it. Students see the relevance of how all the knowledge and theory which they have learnt in class can be applied in a real life example.

Meet Philip

Philip is from London. Before coming to work at INTO London, Philip was course leader for Art Foundation at City and Islington college teaching painting, drawing and printmaking. Philip has a BA Hons in Fine Art, an MA in Print Making along with 15 years teaching experience.

Philip Smith

Philip Smith

Art and Design teacher

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"The position here at INTO London is very different in that the students perhaps have less understanding of what art foundation is and has been traditionally in this country – it is in its infancy in this sector so it feels like building something new, which is an exciting opportunity.

In class there is lots of one to one support as the students are expected to be independent and working on their own projects – the work is experimental in nature."

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Seeing the students developing their thinking skills, and applying a more curious and experimental view of the world is rewarding.

What support do you give to students?

One to one chats – focused on their work and progression, during and between lessons.

Personal Tutor

At the beginning of your course you will be told who your Personal Tutor is, and you will meet them in your first week.

Your Personal Tutor will:

  • meet with you for tutorials throughout the year
  • help you to settle into the academic community
  • communicate your academic progress and provide you with guidance
  • be available to meet during set office/tutorial hours or by appointment
  • refer you to appropriate sources of academic and/or welfare support when required

Chang Cai Ling from Singapore
"The teachers at INTO are really attentive; they know where your weaknesses are and they try to prompt you to develop and improve." Chang Cai Ling from Singapore

Language and other support

We have people in the Centre who may be able to speak your language.

There is also a Chinese Language Support Officer (CLSO) who is dedicated to providing language support to Chinese students.

Other support on offer includes:

  • extra support classes in Maths are provided as a Drop-In Clinic where you will be able to review questions and examples
  • online support
  • revision sessions