Your programmes at INTO Manchester

The INTO Manchester Centre offers a broad range of university preparation courses in Manchester, to help international students progress to some of the best universities across the UK. There are progression options to both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as English language courses for either academic or general purposes.


Master's Preparation

A Master's Preparation offers academic preparation for study at postgraduate level in the UK as well as a focus on improving English language skills. The programme will prepare you to progress to a postgraduate degree.

Master's Preparation Master's Preparation


Don't meet the entry requirements? We also offer an Academic English course

International Foundation

The International Foundation prepares you for direct entry to Year 1 of an undergraduate degree. During the programme you'll develop relevant subject-specific knowledge and skills, and will improve your English language abilities.

International Year One

The International Year One is the equivalent to the first year of study for an undergraduate degree. During the programme you'll improve your academic and undergraduate research skills, as well as building your English language abilities. When you finish the programme you'll be ready to progress to Year 2 of your degree. This means that you can complete your degree in the same amount of time as direct entry students.

English Language Courses

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